Baby Fever

I have a confession. Sometimes I get baby fever.

I can just be living my life, minding my own business, and I happen to walk past a mother carrying her newborn, or see a commercial for baby diapers on TV, and POW! I'm hit with it.

I know you other newly married ladies know what I'm talking about. And don't try to tell me you don't, because I won't believe you.

I'm having a nice little bought of baby fever today. Not sure what brought it on, but it's there.

Let's just indulge it for a little while, shall we?

Maternity Clothes: When I'm pregnant I'm going to be a well-dressed pregnant woman. You might see me in some of these:

Duo V-Neck Tunic

Unity World Wear 3/4 Sleeve "Grecian Sublimation"

Duo Pattern Empire Tie Top

Olian Maternity "Alley" Print Dress

Japanese Weekend Maternity Chiffon Tunic

You can just imagine my face where these ladies' heads are, and that'll be me.

Nurseries: I find myself thinking over how I would want the nursery to look. Here are a couple nurseries I've come across that I think are just adorable.

This is an unusual color combination, but I love it! I found this one on

I love Kara's nursery for her new baby boy! Check it out on Kara's Nursery Blog Post.

I had a hard time finding girl's nurseries that I like, because everything is so pink. I love pink for baby girls, but I wanted to find ideas outside of the pink-or-purple-girl-nursery box. Here are a couple pretty ones from

Pretty Stripes

Gender-Neutral Cottage Style (But I think it looks like a girl's room.)

Once the baby has actually arrived, then the real fun begins!

Diaper Bags: These designer diaper bags are so cute! I usually don't buy designer anything, but I figure if I could choose one thing to indulge in, this would be it. Here are my picks:

Amy Michelle Gladiola Diaper Bag in green.

Timi and Leslie Patent Ruby Diaper Bag

Baby Clothes: What baby fever post would be complete without covering baby clothes! I think these are cute:

Miniwear Strappy Pink Floral Dress

Koala Kids Ballerina Shoes

Cynthia Rowley Long Sleeve Button Front Shirt

Little Wrangler Jeans (So Cute!)

Koala Kids Leather Mesh Athletic Slipper

Now, wasn't that a little satisfying? Though I probably just made the baby fever worse (and I probably gave it to all of you too).

Then again, maybe now that I've indulged it, it'll go away for a little while. Isn't it "feed a fever, starve a cold"?

Or maybe it's the other way. I don't know, but I did feed the baby fever, just this once, and I'm glad I did it!

Mmm, Hmm. That's right.


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Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

You read my post last week, so you know I already deal with that baby-fever!
Those nurserys are sooo cute, and girlfriend, i'm totally going maternity shopping with you! LOL


Ange said...

haha, that's awesome, Callie.

I had baby fever before we were pregnant with Moses. I didn't go imaginary shopping (though it looks like it was enjoyable =cD) but I did catch my self sighing and praying "oh, Abba, can I have a baby now?"


Stephen and Larissa said...

Yeah me too. But then I get to thinking about how expensive they are and I'm not ready to give up my time with my husband and I know we're not ready yet!

LeAnna said...

You crack me up. Baby fever is contagious, and...has a very simple remedy. ;) That first nursery picture is awesome, and I love the purple diaper bag. I like using big oversized purses for diaper bags, makes me feel like I have some of my sanity in tact.
(My word verification is liceling, which makes me think of baby lice. Groooosssss.)

katie said...

me too! I get it too sometimes.

Fun stuff in this post. I usually mostly think about the nursery. And if I talk to Husband about it, he usually reminds me that babies are little human beings and eventually I feel like I'm not quite ready for one.

Meg said...

Baby Fever?! What's that? ;) I'm like you - it always seems to just hit me out of nowhere. It's actually pretty annoying! :P

Love, love, love all the items you picked out!

Jessica said...

My baby fever had been at bay for a while (like a few days :-P) and I was so proud of myself! But today I took a sick day because of my terrible cold, and have been catching up on 4 days of blog posts all morning. A lot the blogs I follow are of new parents or people who are pregnant, and the baby fever came back with a vengeance as I was reading all of their posts and looking at their adorable pictures! Oh well, I just keep telling myself that every day is a day closer to the time when I WILL be pregnant, or have a baby.

Anna said...

You are making me feel seriously outdated fashion-wise! :) You will be one cute pregnant lady!

Babies are a WONDERFUL thing. Mine is 6 weeks and I still have baby fever. :)

AmyK said...

I would probably get baby fever once in a while if I didn't have a stepkid to deal with. I have to stop myself from having baby fever, 'cause there's too much turmoil with Kidlet and it wouldn't be fair to my babies for them to be around that until Kidlet is older.

I'll be getting all of my sister's stuff when I do have babies, though; she's saving everything for me. If I have a girl, she's going to give me all of her babies' clothes. And they're SUPER cute. My nieces are some of the best dressed little things on the planet!

I'm pretty content for now with playing with them, actually.

AmyK said...

Oh, and the pregnancy thing scares the DAYLIGHTS out of me.

Felicia said...

Girl, I get baby fever sometimes, and I'm not even married yet! I love the nurseries, especially the brown and blue one. That circle crib in the third picture is fantastic!

Unknown said...

You are going to be one very stylish Mum with a bump someday! :)

Unknown said...

love it!! i have had major baby fever too lately, which is prob good b/c i am starting fertility stuff in a month! thanks for all the cute stuff!

Jenene said...

So you won't believe me if I tell you that I don't get baby fever? :) I hardly get it, and it's very slight, and doesn't last long. I could hardly call it "fever".

I think it's because I know we're not ready yet. In fact, I often wonder what it's like to feel like we're ready to have a baby.

True story!

Jessica said...

I need to stop reading NOW! I can't get the fever again... two has me busy enough! :) I left you a happy 101 award over on my blog.

OlyviaNoel said...

I definitely get the fever too :) It doesn't help when I read friends' blogs or facebook status and see how they will be having a bundle of joy of their own. One day we'll be there too! Love the things you picked out.

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