It's 12:30 PM on March 19, 2010.

It's snowing outside today.

Ralphie is lounging under my desk chair, and the other dogs are nowhere to be found. Probably outside.

It's very quite and peaceful, except for the occasional hammering noises coming from the basement, where Derek is working.

I'm wearing a black shirt, a black and gray striped scarf that I got from Wal-mart yesterday (I'm finally participating in the scarf trend), skinny jeans, and no socks.

The living room is quite toasty, because Derek built a fire this morning.

I'm thinking about making cookies. But I probably shouldn't. But it's snowing outside!

I'm also trying to figure out what to make for dinner. Suggestions appreciated.

I just sneezed. I'm afraid I may be getting sick - my temperature was rather high this morning, and I'm afraid I may have a slight fever.

My plans for the afternoon include drinking tea, reading a book, writing letters, and taking a nap.

And I don't mind a bit if none of that gets accomplished.

Another sneeze.

The sound of hammering.

A toasty room.

My warm scarf around my neck.

A cup of tea.

Afternoon naps.

Cookies baking.

Snow falling.

What wonderful inventions.

Thank you Lord, for giving us all the little things that make everyday life so interesting and wonderful.

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Unknown said...

It's always the little things that count :)

LeAnna said...

The best place to be on a snowy day...inside a toasty peaceful house! Hope you get better, soon!

Unknown said...

i hope your not getting sick and that you have a wonderful evening!

CAC said...

skinny jeans and a scarf! impressive! i can't believe you guys got snow on the first day of spring!

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