A Twittering Imposter! ( I Sincerely Apologize . . .)

Oh my goodness, Guys, I was just updating some of my sidebar items and noticed that my Twitter feed was full of different items - and it never is.

Then I read some of the Twitter updates and realized that I had not posted those! There was alot of cussing and stuff - and you guys know that I wouldn't cuss, right?

I was wondering if someone had hacked into my Twitter account or something, but then I clicked on the link and figured out what happened.

Well, I changed my Twitter username a few months ago. It used to be something different, but then I changed it to CallieNicole7 for the sake of unity between my Blogger username and Twitter username.

I noticed that my Twitter updates never seemed to appear on the sidebar, but I just thought it was because I tweet rather infrequently.

Well, I discovered it was because I never changed my Twitter username for the little sidebar gadget. And someone just recently picked up my old username.

Someone who uses foul language.

Someone who is in no way connected with me or the blog!

So if any of you have noticed inappropriate Twitter updates in my sidebar, I sincerely apologize, and it wasn't me! I hope I didn't lose any of my subscribers over this, but I wanted to set the record straight.

Serves me right for not being more on top of the housekeeping aspects of my blog. I've learned my lesson.

It's fixed now, in case you were wondering.

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Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Oops! Oh well, at least you figured out, and didn't have it up any longer, lol. ;-)

Brittney Galloway said...

oh no! good thing you caught that though! Cute blog design..Not sure if it's new or not but I haven't been by in awhile!

AmyK said...

Aw, I hate it when stuff like that happens! I didn't see it, but I'm sure I would have figured out that it wasn't actually you!

~M~ said...

Oh yikes! I'm glad you noticed!

Unknown said...

That's not a good thing but I am glad it is sorted. I never noticed it but if I had I am sure with all the cussing that it would not have been you.

Have a good day xo

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