The Bogart

Alright, I'm going to post the next award today instead of on Friday, since it's Good Friday this week. Carlee over at The Payton Periodicals gave me the Humphrey Bogart award!

I love Humphrey Bogart - he's one of my favorite old-time actors, so I was pretty excited to get this award! Thanks Carlee! Carlee's blog is always fun to read, and the pictures of her and her hubby are so cute! Be sure to visit her and say hello.

To recieve this award one must (1) state where they want to be in ten years, and (2) pass it on to ten bloggers. I'm going to pass it on to seven bloggers, so I say give it to however many people you want.

In ten years I hope:

1. I have three or four kids.
2. We have the balance of what we owe on our house greatly diminished.
3. I am a stay-at-home mom.
4. I have been to Italy.
5. I weigh the same as I do now.
6. I have an even stronger marriage to my husband, Derek.
7. I am still blogging! *wink*
8. I am serving the Lord to the best of my ability.

That's where I'd like to be in ten years.

I'm passing this on to:

Brittney at Far More Than Rubies. Brittney and I have been blogging friends for a while now, and her blog always makes me laugh! She has a great sense of humor.

Anna at Hope Road. Anna just had a baby (he is so cute), and I love reading her perspectives on life and the Christian walk.

Casa Cannon at Drew and Joelle. A somewhat recent blogging friend, and I really enjoy reading her blog! She makes some really cute baby items too (I'm so impressed when people make things like that)!

Katie at This Is Katie. Katie's blog is always fun to read, and it tends to make me hungry - some of her food posts just make my mouth water. Like her chocolate post? Don't even get me started.

Sarah Louise at The Better Half of Life. Sarah is a nurse, and her blog is always an interesting read!

Larissa at You Make My Life So Beautiful. She does some really cool DIY projects, and I'm always impressed!

Amber at His Grace Is Sufficient. I enjoy reading Amber's insights, and she also inspires me when it comes to some of the things she makes! It makes me want to start a project of my own.

That's it for this one. But I've got a few more to go, so check back next week for the next award!

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Amber said...

Hey girl! Thanks for the award! Just wanted to let you know, I changed my if you want to update it on this post, it's now-

I went back to blogger. I just didn't like Wordpress. I will email you soon, I promise!!

Brittney Galloway said...

Thanks! Mine will practically match up with yours word for word...too funny!

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