Chloe's Giveaway

I know it's rather late in the weekend, but I was just catching up on blog posts and say that my friend, Chloe, is doing a giveaway!

She's giving away a super cute re-usable shopping bag and a Barnes and Noble gift card. I admit that I don't usually use re-usable shopping bags, but if I win this one, I just might have to try it out. It folds up into a strawberry. How can you not love that?

Head on over there to check out the giveaway, and be sure to let her know that I sent you over there! Please?

Thank you. *smile*

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AmyK said...

That bag she's giving away is fantastic! Cute little strawberry...

And fyi, I went over to her post and saw your comment/s and CRACKED UP. Seriously. Rofl'd.

'Cause I'm the same way with plastic grocery bags! I don't just throw them away--I reuse them by filling them up with garbage and THEN throw them away! They're great for the bathroom garbage, or for small piles of garbage that accumulate throughout the house! (I promise I'm not as big of a slob as that statement makes me sound!)

chloƫ. said...

oh my goodness, of course I don't hate you!!!! I feel awful that you got that feeling from the post :( Now I'll have to write a new one to clarify!

And yes, I use little ones for small garbage bags, too! When we moved here, our moms bought tons of groceries and things and got all plastic bags so we're STILL sifting through those by reusing them as garbage bags :) (Those and the ones that my husband brings home when he forgets to use the reusable ones! heh) It's counts under the "reusing" bit for sure!

And extra entry to you for blogging about it!! :)

~M~ said...

That is so cute it folds into a strawberry!!

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