The Dreaded Closet

Do any of you have one of those places that you just dump things that you buy until you can actually use them? Or am I the only sloppy one?

When I buy something, such as a decorating item for the house, or a new swimsuit for the summer, or a book I thought looked good, I dump the bags into my closet until I need the item.

And no, I'm not a hoarder. Most of these things are items that I have plans for in the pretty near future, but I'm just not quite sure where to put them in the meantime. I just put them in there until I figure out exactly what to do with them. I'm just not very organized I guess.

I haven't had a chance to hang some of the pictures or put some of the pieces out, because some of them are for the basement when we finish it, and some of them I just haven't found the motivation to hang on the wall yet (I know, pathetic). Then I've bought some new items for our trip, like a few new summer shirts and a couple swimsuits, etc., that I won't wear until the weather is warmer. And then I have some books that I thought looked good, but it just takes me a while to get to them.

And where do all these items end up? The closet. I know I'm going to use all of them (I don't just buy stuff to leave in my closet, really). I just can't use some of them yet, or I haven't figured out exactly where I want to put them yet.

They can sometimes pile up when I'm not looking. I need to get a move on and actually finish what I started.

So my new goal? Stop being a waster of perfectly good items, and drag some of those things out of the dreaded closet! It would be nice to actually have some floor space in there again too.

Clothes will be put away in my drawers or hung in the closet!

Candles will be put out on the coffee tables or counters!

Pictures or wall art will be hung!

And books will be put on a bookshelf (as soon as there's one to put them on)!

Without further ado: Item Number One.

No, I didn't hide Ralphie away in the closet. I'm talking about the sign.

This lovely metal piece may look good in one of our bedrooms:

Or possibly above the door or a window in the basement, when it's finished.

The smaller words read "So much of what we know of love we learn at home." I thought it was pretty.

I do feel like I need to figure out something to hang with it though, because it's a little small to be hung by itself. It needs a grouping, unless it is hung above a door or window.

Hmm. What do you all think? Maybe I could hang it with a wall sconce and a candle, or some dried flowers. Now you know why I haven't hung this yet - I like it, and I want to hang it, but it needs something.

I'm sure I'll figure it out.

You know where it might be really pretty? With a group of pictures of Derek and me and our families. That would be nice wouldn't it? See, I never would have thought of that if I didn't drag it out of the closet and start brainstorming.

I think this is going to be a very productive post series.

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Kate Craig said...

I have a whole ROOM!

Brittney Galloway said...

lol, I've never heard of someone buying things and then just not using them! (except for the swimsuit thing.)

Unknown said...

I agree with you. I could imagine that item in the middle and picture of you and your family around it. :)

Anna said...

We think alike, Callie! I just posted a video today, too... but my alternate post idea was to post a "before" and "after" of Christian's closet, because all of his excess baby stuff is pretty much just piled haphazardly inside. And my goal for today is to organize it. But I didn't really want to commit myself to that - haha! You are funny! :)

Felicia said...

I think that putting it up with pictures of loved ones is a great idea!

AmyK said...

I think all closets should be required to come with some fancy, over-the-top excessive organization system to prevent situations like this, and the one like mine. My closet is full of the boxes we can't find a better place for and can't unpack. Blah. I hate closets.

Thumbs up for you for taking charge!

Laura Seldomridge said...

Hey Callie,
The floor of our closet is always a mess too. Only our closet is a walk-in, so we're supposed to be able to walk on the floor. The funny thing is that Nathan is the one who gets the most fed up with it. :) I just have a way of pulling clothes out when I'm deciding what to wear, and I'm always in a hurry, so the clothes end up on the floor of the closet.
The random home-decor item I have, is a pair of 8-inch decorative rustic keys I got from Hobby Lobby. They're really cool, but I haven't found the perfect place to hang them yet. :)

Jessica said...

I do the same thing! My closet in the bedroom is filled with junk. I should clean it out one of these days!

Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

Pretty sign! And yes, I do think it would look lovely with pictures of your families and such. :) I'm sure you'll come up with something perfect for your happy home!

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