Easter Recap

Derek and I had a great Easter. We started out with going to a sunrise service at a children's Camp that I went to growing up.

There's something special about waking up before the sun on Easter morning and focusing on what Easter is all about - Jesus's resurrection! It just seems special, because the women went to the tomb very early in the morning and discovered that Jesus had risen from the dead, and getting up early makes it so easy to imagine what it must have been like that first Easter morning.

After the service we went out to breakfast with Derek's family and then went back to Derek's mom's house to watch our little niece hunt for eggs! She is almost two, and it was so cute watching her grab all the eggs and drop them in her little basket.

I got a bunch of adorable pictures of our niece and Derek, but I'm afraid I'm not going to post them, because I didn't clear it with her mom, and there are weirdos out there (though I highly doubt any of them read my blog). But just to be safe.

Afterward Derek and I came home and just enjoyed the evening together. We came home a little early because Derek had to run to my parent's house and take care of my parent's dogs. My family was out of town over the weekend, so they asked Derek if he could put the dogs back in the house on Sunday night.

Basically it was just a nice relaxing Easter. I realized as I sat down to write this that the absence of pictures makes this post less interesting, but I wanted to recap.

But I can't just not post any pictures! So here are some from my egg coloring night.

I love coloring eggs.

And I'm not too old for it either. You are never too old for Easter eggs.

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Unknown said...

Sounded like a lovely Easter! x

katie said...

What a lovely time. I need to color eggs sooooon. Its been far too long.

Hannah said...

i love decorating easter eggs! i missed it this year.
also btw I got that dress at Target $20 they others too:)

Jessica said...

Sounds like a great Easter! Your eggs are cute :-)

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