Good Book Recommendations?

Lately I've been trying to think of everything I need to get ready for our trip in May. I've bought a couple skirts and sun dresses, and a couple new swimsuits. On the list of things to get are sunglasses, sunscreen, possibly a sun hat, and various other items.

One thing I've been thinking about is what books to bring with me. I'll probably rent some from the Library, so in order to get them in time for the trip I'll have to put a hold on them pretty soon.

For vacations I like to read light, fast-paced books. Purely pleasure reading. I like Christian romances, I like mysteries, and historical fiction is good if it's fast-paced.

Last year I asked you all for ideas on what to read next, and you gave me some great ideas! So I'm asking again - does anyone have any ideas for good vacation reading? Any authors I should check into, or any specific books that captured your attention?

I'm looking forward to seeing what you recommend!

I'm afraid I haven't been posting much this week. This is a four-day work week for me, so I just haven't had much time, but you can still expect an award post on Friday. Happy Wednesday!

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AmyK said...

I tend to go to children's chapter books when I'm looking for light reading ;)

But then again, you're more of a reader than I am.

I'm incredibly jealous that you're going somewhere soon! Somewhere you'd need sunscreen ;)

Brittney Galloway said...

Hmmm, Did you ever read the Dee Henderson O'Malley family books?

I really want to read The Hunger Games book, sounds super intriguing to me!

Amber said...

You might want to check out either Dee Henderson (as Brittany said, she wrote the O'Malley series but also has some other great books). She writes Christian mystery/romance. Another good series is Ever After and Even Now by Karen Kingsbury. It's a Christian romance 2-book series. Once you start it, you won't be able to put it down!

Unknown said...

I would recommend Same Kind of Difference As Me - it is a real heart warmer about love, faith and acceptance. If not Cecelia Ahern books are a real winner for me x

Felicia said...

Have you read One Night With The King by Tommy Tenney? Sooo much better than the movie! At first it was a bit dry, but it got really good after the first quarter or so.

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