Plant Killer - That's Me

I have a black thumb.

You know, as opposed to a green thumb.

In layman's terms, I kill things. Mainly plants.

I think it would be such a cool thing to cultivate a little living thing from a seed to a full-grown flowering, fruitful plant. But alas, I've never had the experience.

You'll recall Ellie, my lovely Hibiscus plant from last year. Well, she died. I was actually pretty proud, because I was able to keep her alive through half the winter! But to be honest, it was more Derek than it was me.

Derek has a way with plants. He makes things grow and flower and live. He usually does all our planting and gardening, because he can actually make things grow. He can do what I can't.

He lives my horticultural dreams.

But, By George, I'm a determined person, and so I actually bought a couple packets of flower seeds and little starter kits for vegetables, and something is going to grow this year!

I'm sure the little things will sense how determined I am, and how much I love those little seeds and want them to live, so they won't be able to help but grow. Because plants can sense these things.

So this is what I have:

A Sweet Pepper plant named Fred.
A Patio Tomato plant named Hubert.
A Daisy plant named, well, Miss Daisy.
A Sweet Pea plant named Miss Sue.
An Alyssum plant named Miss Alyssa.

And I'm going to make them all grow, all by myself. Well, Derek can help me water, because let's face it, he's just got it and I don't. But I'm going to do most of the work myself.

The starter kits for Fred, Hubert, and Miss Daisy were interesting, because they came with this little pellet.

Then you were supposed to add water, and voila! Soil.

Derek took some pictures of me working with the soil and stuff.

I was working on my plants while Derek was working on our vehicle, and it was kind of nice to be working out there together one such a nice afternoon. I liked it so much that after I finished with the plants I grabbed some of my painting stuff and sat out there working on that for a while (which was good, because I've really been slacking on my painting stuff).

It was really just such a nice evening, and I hope my little plants actually grow, because I think I'd really enjoy gardening more. So come on Fred, Hubert, Miss Daisy, Miss Sue, and Miss Alyssa! You can do it! Grow, grow, grow!

(By the way, and tips for making things grow, or any tips for those plants specifically, would be very much appreciated!)

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Brittney Galloway said...

Oooh yay! I love gardening! My tip: check on it everyday. See if it's getting the right kind of light, if the soil is drying out, weed it, and water it consistently. Surely it will work for you now!

LeAnna said...

I wish I had some tips for you, but I too have a black thumb. Just the other day I noticed my thyme was still alive from last year, so I watered it, and now it's crispy. My hubby hates the way our house plants look, and says they're ugly, but the only plants I can keep alive are UGLY ones! Ahhhh! Oh well, I'm with ya, just keep trying. :)

~M~ said...

That is so great you both got to be outside so much!

chloƫ. said...

well I don't have any green tips because I've yet to plant anything on my own but I'm excited that you're are able to cultivate that green thumb. My name means "verdant" so I hope that's a sign of a green thumb that I don't know I have yet.... :P

AmyK said...

I've only raised one thing from seeds: tomatoes. My tomato plants actually produced fruit a couple of years ago, but I guess that spent all of my horticultural luck, 'cause I haven't been able to keep anything alive ever since. I've got peppers planted that haven't sprouted (three weeks going), and I planted some wildflower seeds at the same time and only got one sprout.

I've found that I have better luck if I start them inside in a well-lit window until they get a little bigger, and then I can move them out.

But I still kill everything. I'm no good with plants, either. Paul got me an African Violet, and I recently killed that. He also got me some mini roses that I also killed. I always feel really bad when I kill plants he gets me as gifts.

I do have one houseplant that I've had for about three years now--it's a peperomia and they're seriously the EASIEST thing to keep alive. I've forgotten about it for a month at a time and that didn't even kill it.

Unknown said...

I am sure with this post in-situ you have the power of us to help make it grow. Love the names!

Lauren said...

Keep with it, one day you'll have some beauties pop up & all the hard work will be so worth it! As for advice, I've always started with good size plants & never seeds or those pods so that might be something to try...also, you want plenty of water & sunlight but not too much of either! Good luck & keep us posted on your little plant friends!

Jessica said...

I kill things too, so I know how you feel! lol... good luck with them! I mom worked as a florist and came from a family who owned a big landscaping company. They can make anything grow, and apparently, I just didn't receive the gift.

I LOVE that you name all your plants, by the way :-)

Jenene said...

I've only tried to plant something and keep it alive once, and that didn't work. But I think the key is knowing how much water and sunlight (or shade) each plant likes. A little research, a lot of love, and you'll be rewarded with happy growing plants. :)

Amber said...

Good luck!! Gardening really is fun and rewarding if you do well with it. You'll have to post some pics of your little babies when they sprout!

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