The Purpose Of Crocs

Is there anyone else out there who thinks these are ugly?

I'm sure that statement just offended at least half of you. Please don't hate me.

Crocs are just one thing that I don't understand. I guess my problem is that I don't understand the use of Crocs. I could forgive the appearance if I understood the use.

They really aren't a fashion statement. Sure, they come in lots of colors, but so does every other type of shoe out there, and I think that whatever outfit you wear them with is instantly taken down a level on the formal/casual scale. And they just aren't appropriate to wear with certain articles of clothing at all.

I think they look really cute on little kids. I'm not sure why, but tiny Crocs for little feet are pretty cute, and they're probably easy to put on and take off too.

I know they were originally made for nurses, but in reality you can't really wear them if you work in a healthcare environment. They have holes, and that's a no no. What if you dropped dirty instruments, or spilled some dangerous substance? Wearing shoes with holes in such a situation is just asking for an injury. They probably make them without holes, and I guess that would be okay, but the holey versions aren't appropriate for a healthcare setting.

I think Crocs are appropriate for the beach - they could make good water shoes. But even then I'd rather go for the more aesthetically pleasing rubber flip-flop.

I'm not sure I understand the comfort argument. People say Crocs are comfortable - but they just don't look comfortable to me. I tried them on once as well, and I just wasn't impressed. Sure, they're lightweight, but I'm not sure if that makes them comfortable. Slippers are comfortable. Crocs, not so much. And I don't wear my slippers outside the house just because they're comfortable either.

Bottom line, I think Crocs are alright for kids under eight years old, and for the beach if you have something against flip-flops. But outside of those two uses I'm still in the dark.

Alright, so I'd like to hear your opinions. Someone, please explain Crocs to me!

Someday I'll probably end up inheriting a pair and completely loving them, and when that happens I promise I'll eat my words and post a retraction to this post.

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Unknown said...

Can I hear an AMEN! I think they look ugly. My Mum has a pair and swears by them. She always says they are comfy but so are many sandals/slippers etc.

They are banned for Nurses in the UK, even without holes in lol.

Meg said...

I don't think they are all that great looking myself. But I love them. I have two pairs that I purchased while working as a medical assistant before Andrew and I married. They were the only shoes that didn't make my feet hurt after standing for 8 hours a day.

Since I stopped working there, I refuse to wear them in public because they're so ugly. They just seemed to go better with scrubs. :P I do, however, wear them around the house whenever I'm going to be on my feet all day. There's nothing better or more comfortable with such support, in my opinion. So, while I don't get the whole Croc craze either... I do love mine! ;)

katie said...

LOL. I don't understand them either. And I'm a person who really likes comfortable shoes!

Felicia said...

I have always thought that Crocs are soooooo ugly. I bought them for working in the car wash, and I would take them off the second I got in my car and switch to other shoes. I had heard that they were originally gardening shoes, but that still doesn't make sense with the holes. And they are not any more comfortable than regular shoes. I hate them. Really.

LeAnna said...

I think they are ugly. I do not think they are comfortable. However, they are great for gardening and getting dirty. Just hose off and let hang dry. Nifty.

Jenene said...

I think they are ugly too. And I don't understand the comfort thing. But I have narrow feet, so they would just be really loose on me, which is not comfortable.

Also, they have holes, and that's not ideal for Pacific Northwest living. I need my shoes to keep my feet warm and dry. I say NO to crocs.

Kelley said...

I love my crocs! When I started as a nurse, all my coworkers wore Dansko clogs, and they loved them, but they KILLED my feet. I wasted 120 bucks on shoes that others swore by.

And then I found these:,default,pd.html?cid=060&cgid=women-footwear-work

They cover all the OSHA requirements, and are super easy to clean. Crocs are the only shoe that doesn't leave my feet or legs aching after a 12 hour shift. They don't work for everyone, but I am definitely a fan. I know a lot of people like the holey ones for gardening, poolside, or around the house.

Amber said...

Well, I have a pair. Mine are the "mary-jane" style. And I only got them for work when I worked as a barista and was standing on my feet for 8 to 12 hours a day on concrete floors. I had horrible lower back problems from standing all day on concrete. Someone suggested trying crocs, and while I think they're hideous, I was pretty much willing to try ANYTHING to make my back happy. They did the trick! They don't seem like they'd be comfortable at first, but they are. At least in my opinion. And no more back aches for me after crocs either. I haven't purchased another pair since I left my job as a barista and I only wear them now while gardening, but I think they're great for anyone who's one their feet all day!

There's my take anyway!

Sarah Louise said...

I don't understand crocs either...but have thought that if I start to garden I might get a pair. If you garden in regular shoes, your shoes will get muddy and wet...crocs are probably really easy to clean, dry faster and provide a little more protection and support than flip flops.

Unknown said...

I was reading a Martha Stewart magazine the other day and they used crocs as a hanging planter. I thought that was about the best use for them, but still not appealing to me. I also think they are ugly!! I have some like-crocks for working in the garden because they are light weight and easy to just hose off, but would never wear them out!

I love your blog, I am going to follow you and will be back!!


Jessica said...

Don't worry, you are NOT alone! I am completely bewildered by crocs! They are awful looking. I do have a friend that swears they are the best gardening shoe in the world... I don't garden, so that's just another reason for me not to wear them! :) I do have a five year old who looks adorable in them though. Totally strange how her little feet can pull them off. But she loves the ease of sliping them on and off (especially at the park!) So I guess all this mumbo jumbo I typed is a resounding AMEN! :)

Kara @ Just1Step said...

Haha this is funny. I actually used to feel the same way. Before we were married, Dave had a pair, and I just thought they were silly. Other than throwing them on for a quick walk to the mailbox or in the backyard, I didn't see the purpose. Then there came fuzzy crocs (the kind with removable fleece on the inside). And they changed my entire perspective. They are wonderful, especially in the winter. Anytime I walk out of the house in comfy (aka pj) pants, they are what I wear (much easier than sneakers). They keep my feet warm in the house without socks (aka double as slippers). They are great for throwing on to take the dogs outside. I can honestly say that I wear my pair at least twice, if not more, per day. I, in fact, just had Dave order me a new pair because my first pair is looking pretty crummy. point in all this is that you should try a pair of fuzzy crocs and then see what you think. :)

Jessica said...

lol I am sooo with you! I agree with everything you said. I have never owned a pair, and don't ever plan on owning one. I don't get it!

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