Dropping In At the Dominican Republic

Today we'll be in the Dominican Republic:

We're porting in Samana. I don't know too much about the Dominican Republic, but I hear they have some nice beaches.

I assure you, I'm recording all my impressions and thoughts and travel tips, so when I get back and post them, then you'll hear all about it!

Image from Desination360.com.
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Jessica said...

My sister went on a mission trip to the DR and they got to spend a day on the beach. She said it was the most beautiful beach she'd been to, with sparkling blue water and white, sandy beaches. I can't wait to hear all about it!

Jenene said...

My sister and her husband honeymooned in the Dominican. You're probably right about the beautiful beaches. I don't remember hearing that they went sightseeing at all. They just spent lots of time on the beach!

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