More Songs That Make Me Cry (In A Good Way)

The members of my family are all big country music fans.

We know of artists that most you probably have never even heard of. My brother and sister are able to find some great new songs, and my mom and dad just know alot of good country songs that they don't play on the radio anymore. I contribute to the mix sometimes too, but mostly I get to benefit from all their knowledge.

I spent Mother's Day with my family at my parent's house, and I was reminded once again of a few songs that I've forgotten about, and I heard a new one that I hadn't heard yet.

These to songs need to be added to the "Songs That Make Me Cry (In A Good Way)" list.

I Wish I Could Have Been There by John Anderson

And The Call by Matt Kennon

So if any of you fellow country music fans ever get tired of the music you have, and you need ideas for some new country artists to listen to, tell me, and I'll tell them, and we'll get you all set up!

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katie said...

Ooooo! I heard that Matt Kennon song one time on the radio recently but didn't know who sang it and haven't heard it since! I liked it so much! Thanks for posting!

AmyK said...

I grew up listening to country music and my parents were in a band; they did a lot of covers of songs. They opened for John Anderson once in a local venue; my mom can't stand the guy 'cause he was a HUGE jerk that night! They tried to introduce themselves to him 'cause they were opening his show; only makes sense to at least be acquainted--but he acted like they were just "the little people," so he got mad when they tried to introduce themselves.

Ange said...

daaaang. i am usually frustrated out the wazoo listening to country but that song "the call" gave me shivers. i liked it. =)

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