Oh Sponges, How Expensive You Are!

Alright, I have a money-saving tip!

I won't pretend to be a money-saving guru, like all these coupon-clipping bloggers who have whole blogs dedicated to the saving of money. I read their blogs, but I'm afraid I'll never be as good as that.

However, there is one fact that is universally recognized: sponges are expensive.

I'm not sure if it's the technology involved in making a sponge that makes it so expensive, or what.

The reasons why are a little sketchy. But I hate forking over 4-6 dollars to get a three-pack of sponges, when I know that I'll have to through away each sponge after a month or two anyway. I've tried and tried to make them last longer, but there comes a point when that ragged little clump of wetness just becomes an eyesore. Not to mention that fact that they start to stink eventually, no matter how clean you try to keep them.

Say hello to the local Dollar Tree! Did you know that they sell sponges at the dollar store? And that when you go to the register, that three-pack of sponges does indeed ring up to be $1?

Sure, they aren't the cute, name-brand sponges. But who cares? I'm going to throw them away after a month anyway.

I'm sure you coupon-clippers out there are going to tell me that if I just look on this or that website, or get a Sunday newspaper, then I could have the name-brand three-pack for a dollar. But that is so much effort.

Plus, who's to guarantee that I'll still be able to find those coupons in two months, when I need more sponges? I'm afraid I'm just not to your level of money-saving yet. I'll probably get there eventually.

But for now, I'm a fan of the dollar store for certain items. Not all items, because some of them you could actually get cheaper at a normal grocery retailer. But certain items are definitely worth the ten minutes it takes to drive over to the dollar store.

Sponges, for one.

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Hopeful One said...

I never thought to look for these at the Dollar Store! And frankly, I'm terrible with coupons, so this is a great tip! Thanks Callie!

Hope you had a wonderful vacation.

Tatiana said...

That's soo true! I am always tired of waisting all that money on them! Thanks for the tip! I've never seen them at a dollar store, but I'll keep my eyes open!

~M~ said...

The dollar store really is great for certain items!

Brittney Galloway said...

haha, you crack me up! Great idea though! I'm not picky about sponges, and I'd rather be able to replace a sponge more often than keep its stinky self around for longer because it was name brand!

Meg said...

Sponges are expensive! I've managed to pick up a few for Free-$1 with coupons, but I agree...that doesn't always happen. I have nothing against Dollar Stores if they will help save us some cash! ;)

btw, love the new blog layout!

AmyK said...

I got a pack of 40 sponges at Walgreens a while back for $4.

Yeah. $4. For 40 sponges.

I haven't needed to spend a lot of money on sponges in a while ;)

Jessica said...

I DID know about the dollar tree sponges, good deal, our dollar tree even has soem cute ones! :) And here is a little tip... sponges totally creep me out, the whole bacteria thing! So everytime I run my dishwasher I throw it in the utensil rack! I read somewhere that it disinfects it! (and even if I'm wrong, it makes me feel better!)

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