Travel Tips and Packing List

We're leaving for our cruise on Thursday! I have about a million things to do, and a million things to pack. This is my list of things to bring so far:

1. Passports and Copies of Passports (In case of an emergency.)
2. Cruise itinerary and paperwork
3. Shirts
4. Pants
5. Shorts
6. Skirts
7. Casual dresses
8. Two Formal dresses (There are two formal nights on the ship.)
9. Sandals
10. High heels
11. Flip flops
12. Tennis shoes
13. Jewelry
14. Hat
15. Socks
16. Underwear
17. Swimsuits/coverup
18. Beach bag
19. Makeup
20. Sunscreen
21. Contact case/spare contacts
22. Contact solution
23. Glasses
24. Floss
25. Toothbrush
26. Toothpaste
27. Retainers
28. Facial cleansing clothes
29. Perfume/Body spray
30. Body lotion
31. Hand lotion
32. Chapstick
33. Thermometer
34. Acetaminophen
35. Antihistamine tablets
36. Off Bug Spray
37. Soap
38. Shampoo/conditioner
39. Razors
40. Hair ties/barrettes
41. Bobby pins
42. Headbands
43. Spray tan (I have to use fake tan stuff if I don't want to look pasty white.)
44. Curling iron
45. Straightener
46. Blow dryer
47. Finger nail clippers
48. Nail file
49. Tweezers
50. Brush
51. Plastic bag for dirty clothes
52. Pajamas
53. Layering tanks
54. Candy/breakfast bars (Just in case they don't provide snacks on the ship.)
55. Laptop
56. Laptop cord
57. Phone charger
58. Camera
59. Camera battery charger
60. Notebook
61. Books
62. iPod
63. Nylons
64. Water bottles
65. Nail polish
66. Money
67. Bible

Hmm, did I forget anything? What do you think? I think it's better to be prepared and bring something that you may not need, instead of getting there and wishing you had brought something that you did end up needing and didn't bring.

You may be thinking, "How does she fit all that in her suitcase?" I have a very large suitcase.

You may also be thinking, "How is she going to keep that under the 50 pound weight limit?"

I have a trick. I weigh myself alone first, then I pick up the completely packed suitcase and weigh again while holding it. That way I can tell how much it weighs. I usually try to be at least five pounds under the limit, just in case their scale is different than mine. Then if the suitcase is too heavy, I put a few books, or my blow dryer or something, in Derek's suitcase, because men just don't need to bring as much stuff as we girls do.

Also, I just happened to come across a great travel tip recently. They said that if you are traveling with your husband, put about half of his clothes in your suitcase, and half of your clothes in his. That way if one of the bags gets lost, you still both have some clothes to wear. I thought that was a pretty smart idea!

So that's the plan. Any suggestions?

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Cheyenne said...

Looks like one of my lists! Do you need beach towels? I know they supply towels, but nothing's better than your own soft oversized beach towel. And don't forget sunglasses and different purses to go with your different outfits! (See?? Compulsive list-maker too!)
Have fun! I hope you guys have an awesome trip!

katie said...

how very exciting to be packing! I'm not very good with lists, but it sounds like you are prepared. You're going to have such a wonderful time.

Brittney Galloway said...

My tip would be to put your heaviest items (books, laptop, maybe shoes,) in your carry on, since that is not weight based@

Lauren said...

wow girl! I'm with you on the list for Mexico continues to grow by each passing minute! Love that packing tip at the smart!

~M~ said...

What a great idea to pack 1/2 and 1/2!

Unknown said...

Wow! I hate packing, it just stresses me out. I almost always forget everything!

Seems you have some good tips though. My tip is to pack the towels first. It sounds silly but it creates an even base to pack your clothes on top of. Therefore, you make every use of space in the suitcase.

I once tried not doing that and clothes just bashed around everywhere and got screwed up :)

Sarah Louise said...

Have fun on your trip!!! Maybe you could bring a carry on in addition to your suitcase because those are still free, that way you can split up some of your heavier items...or you could bring a backpack, or large purse and carry something heavy in that.

I also like to wear my heaviest, most bulky items in layers when I fly. It is always cold on planes, plus it frees up space and reduces the weight of my luggage.

chloƫ. said...

how abouts the camera cord so you can keep us all updated with all that free time you'll want to donate to blogging? :P

haha but seriously, that's a great list. i may follow it next time we leave the country. which may be years for now. thank heaven for the internet.

and i got your voicemail! i was ( still) at work when you called and hence couldn't answer. but i'll try you after 4 your time! :)

AmyK said...

Suggestions... hmm...

Ooh, I have one: Take me with you!!!

I want vacation :(

But I'm glad you get to go have fun!! And I'm glad you make packing lists, too; Paul always just tries to pack stuff and "remember" what he's packed and inevitably he forgets something. Lists, babe!

Jessica said...

Sounds like you are ready! I understand where you are coming from, because I am a chronic over-packer :-) BUT, I would much rather have too much than forget something! I'm always the person everyone comes to on a trip if they forgot something, because I usually have extra! lol...Have a FABULOUS time!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

How fun!! We are leaving for our cruise in two you'll have to share with me any tips for packing, etc....hope yall have a wonderful time!

april said...

I'm so not a list person...or if I do make a list, I inevitably lose it or just don't follow it. So kudos to you! doesn't look like you've forgotten a thing...and don't forget to have a fabulous time!

Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

You go girl! I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about the trip! Your packing list pretty much looked like mine -- can't forget the iPod & Laptop! :) Nope you have an amazing time!!!

cait said...

enjoy your cruise!! how exciting! I love that you posted your packing list....I am such a list maker...and follow it until right before heading out the door. Enjoy your time!

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