Updating The List

A little over a year ago, I wrote a list of "Things To Do Before I Die". You can see the original list in my "One Hundred" post.

I thought it was about time to revisit that list and see where it stands! I've been blessed in this last year to be able to accomplish quite a few of those things. So here is the updated bucket list.

One Hundred Things To Do Before I Die

1. Raise a family.

2. Own a dachshund.

3. Go to Hershey, Pennsylvania.

4. Go to Italy with Derek.

5. Knit an afghan.

6. Get my Bacholor's degree in Microbiology.

7. Name a new species of bacteria after myself.

8. Rebuild a classic car.

9. Try geocaching.

10. Do another painting (for those of you who don't know, I used to paint when I was younger). Working on this.

11. Learn the flute.

12. Adopt a child (if it's the Lord's will).

13. Own an orange tree and make it grow without killing it.

14. See a play on Broadway.

15. Shop in New York.

16. Grow old and wrinkly with Derek.

17. Really be a June Cleaver mom/housewife.

18. See my children accept Jesus as their Savior.

19. Work on a conservative's political campaign.

20. Spend a significant amount of time becoming an expert at skiing one winter.

21. Learn to play tennis.

22. See an Elvis impersonator.

23. Homeschool my children.

24. Get a French manicure. Derek got me a professional manicure for my 2009 birthday: My Lovely Birthday Surprise.

25. Go on a cruise. In progress as you read

26. Spend one night on said cruise dancing with my husband. Hopefully also in progress.

27. Own our own house (really own it - as in owing no money on it).

28. Visit Prince Edward Island and see the house that inspired Anne of Green Gables.

29. Stay at a super-fancy hotel near Niagra Falls for at least one night.

30. Stay in shape, even when I'm old.

31. Lay outside on a warm summer night and count stars with Derek.

32. Help someone in a crisis.

33. Really find my spiritual gift and a way to use it for the Lord.

34. Read all of C.S. Lewis's books.

35. Take a class on fencing.

36. Celebrate out 50th wedding anniversary in Hawaii.

37. Own a pair of red high heels. Also part of my 2009 birthday! Derek told me to go buy an outfit for our birthday outing, which included some red high heels: My Lovely Birthday Surprise.

38. Volunteer at a Crisis Pregnancy Center.

39. Let my hair go gray.

40. Spend quality one-on-one time with each of my kids at least every few months.

41. Own a beach house.

42. Teach a Sunday school class again.

43. Go tubing down a river.

44. Get a pair of roller-skates. I did this, even though they don't fit me perfectly! See Pass the Hand Sanitizer.

45. Go spelunking (with a guide of course).

46. Research my family tree.

47. Make a scrapbook.

48. Watch a lumberjack
Even though it wasn't a true-blue, "real" competition - it was a little more like a show, but they were competing, so I think it counts. See Campfires, Fairs, and Mini Golf.

49. Take a cake-decorating class.

50. Own 10-plus acres of land.

51. Learn to do "latte-art".

52. Take our kids to Disney World on vacation.

53. Host an afternoon tea.

54. Play Barbies with my girls.

55. Tour a castle in Ireland.

56. Climb a tree with my boys.

57. Never get a cavity ( I currently have no fillings in my mouth, and I would like to keep it that way). In Progress.

58. Visit the Smithsonian. For our 2009 vacation: Museums, Museums, and More Museums: Vacation Recap Part Two.

59. Visit the Library of Congress. Also for our 2009 vacation: We're Back! Vacation Recap Part One

60. See the Statue of Liberty in person.

61. Have a library in our house with a rolling ladder.

62. Taste some real southern sweet
2009 Vacation: Scary Bugs, Wet Air, and Subtle Colors: My Description Of The East Coast.

63. Find a conche shell on the beach.

64. Own an RV.

65. Get Lasic eye surgery.

66. Bake a ham.

67. Have a milkshake and hamburger ready when one of my sons has a crisis.

68. Window shop and talk with my daughters when one of them has a crisis.

69. Go para-sailing.

70. Visit Seychelles.

71. Have a home theater.

72. Make the perect chocolate cake.

73. Own a truck.

74. Buy a Beach Boys CD. Well, I was given one for my 2009 birthday, but that still counts.

75. Have an all-day Star Wars marathon.

76. Visit Alaska.

77. Spend a day at the zoo with some little kids (hopefully mine).

78. Ride an elephant.

79. See a Redwood tree.

80. Ride in a hot air balloon.

81. Stay in an all-inclusive beach resort in the Carribean.

82. Go snorkeling. Hopefully In Progress.

83. Go on a helicopter ride with Derek.

84. Go on a sleigh-ride at Christmas time.

85. Write a book.

86. Learn to make a vase or something on a potter's wheel.

87. Build a snow fort with Derek.

88. Throw a New Year's Eve party.

89. Ride in a limosine.

90. Get my concealed weapon permit (I probably wouldn't carry a gun with me, but it
would be good to have my permit - I'm a big right-to bear-arms advocate).

91. Make home-made ice cream.

92. Go to a symphony orcestra concert. Derek and I went to a Christmas concert, and it was lovely: Candy Canes, Parades, and Scheherazade.

93. Go on a vacation to Australia.

94. Get a little black dress.

95. Take swing-dancing lessons with Derek.

96. Swim in a lake.

97. Catch a firefly.

98. Ride in a snowmobile.

99. Try a chocolate "soda" (although here we call it pop).

100. Go to a professional football game.

And there it is! I'm feeling pretty good about everything I've been able to do this last year. I'm probably going to put up a link to this list on the main page when I get back, so I can keep it updated as I cross each thing off.

If you've never written a bucket list, I recommend you try it!

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Heather @ Simple Wives said...

I love your list!! :) Especially #2...we love our little fella! And #4, someday we will go to Italy!!

Brittney Galloway said...

Love it, and I'm so impressed by the "name a bacteria after myself," one!

Anne said...

I like pretty much all of the things on your list. And I love lists like this and seeing what people want to do in their lives. Also, my husband's name is Derek too - so when I found your blog and saw you mention Derek I felt like I needed to get to know you better :) Is that wierd?

Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

So many cool things on there! I've been to Hershey, Pennsylvania (several years ago). :)

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