A Hammock On The Beach - Cruise Recap Part Four

Our final stop on our cruise was Labadee, Haiti.

Now, before you start wondering about whether it was dangerous to be in Haiti, and whether I saw any of the devastation there (which is what ran through my mind when I first saw the destination), let me explain that Labadee is the cruise line's private portion of Haiti. So while there where some natives of Haiti working in Labadee, I saw none of the "real" Haiti.

Labadee was interesting. It was kind of like being on the cruise ship, only you were on land instead. It almost felt like an amusement park, so it wasn't a real adventurous place to be. However, there were lovely beach areas, so we decided that we would have a beach day after our excursion.

We got off the boat that morning and went to check in for our excursion. Then we had to wait fifteen minutes or so before we left, so we walked around Labadee a little bit.

That's when I saw the hammock.

Yes, a real-life hammock on the beach!

I ran over to it so we could at least sit in it once before the late morning rush. I was pretty excited. Who doesn't want to lay on a hammock next to the beach?

Me in the hammock:

Derek in the hammock:

Thankfully it was a well-balanced hammock, so we were able to get into it together. Some nice people offered to take our picture:

One more picture in the hammock for good measure:

Finally we had to leave the loveliness of the hammock and went back to wait for our excursion. Derek and I had decided to try para-sailing!

Here we are in front of the para-sailing boat:

Derek and I were the first to go. They drove the boat pretty quickly over the water, so in fear of my camera somehow ending up overboard, I packed it away in Derek's backpack.

They got the parachute out, got us in our harnesses, and had us go to the back of the boat. Then they hooked us up to the parachute, and away we went!

I was kind of expecting a rush of wind, a few stomach-scaring dips, and possibly having to land in the water. We experienced none of these things.

Basically we went up and we came down. It was kind of like a glider ride at the amusement park.

It was alot of fun - it really did feel like you were flying. We could see the mountains of Haiti in the distance, and the beach we had just come from, with the cruise ship in the harbor.

It just wasn't dangerous. It was more relaxing and peaceful. Which is good too, just not what I expected.

I realized that the ride was so smooth that I could have brought my camera with me when we went up and got a lot of good pictures while we were up there, and my camera wouldn't have been in the least bit of danger. But I didn't, because I thought it would be a rougher ride, and I was afraid of dropping my $200 digital camera into the blue waters below. Therefore, there are no pictures to show on the blog. It's really a pity.

It ended all too soon, and they reeled us back in. We landed directly on the boat. Easy as pie.

(As a side note, the lack of scariness when we went para-sailing was part of what convinced me that sky-diving wouldn't be so bad either).

Once I was back on the boat and realized that the camera would most likely not leave my hands, I got it back out, and the other people with us volunteered to take our picture.

It was a fun experience, even if it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be, and it's cool to be able to say Derek and I have been para-sailing together.

The rest of the day was spent being lazy on the beach. We read our books, we swam in the clear, blue waster, we walked around the island. We had a lovely, relaxing day.

And I know you can't tell, but I did get a little color out there. The casual observer wouldn't be able to tell any difference, but I am a bit browner. I promise. I don't look like I've been locked in the basement for years on end anymore - my skin looks like it's seen the light of day. At least a little bit.

Me in another, not-so-well-balanced hammock:

A "shipwrecked" boat that I suspect may have been planted there, and is now some sort of bar for the tourists. But I got the pretty part of it, and no one will ever be able to tell it wasn't real.

There were these native beach attendants who would get you a beach chair, find you a good spot, and get it all set up nicely with your towel and everything. We could have just done that ourselves, but we let the guy help us anyway. They want to have work to do. We gave him a couple dollars in tip, then went to swim in the water for a little bit.

When we got back there was this pretty little flower resting on my beach chair. I couldn't figure out where it came from, because there were no flowering trees or anything around. I think maybe the beach attendant left it there as a thank you for a good tip (a couple bucks for a couple minutes of work isn't too shabby).

Anyway, it was pretty, so I took a picture of it with my flip-flops.

There was an old bell tower on the island, and I took a picture of our ship from there. I guess in the old days they used have a lookout up there and ring the bell when they saw a ship coming in.

There were these neat ruins near the beach from when there used to be a trade post or some such thing there. I love old ruins like that, so I took a couple pictures.

Derek and me in front of part of an old building. You can see the ocean through the opening there. Please ignore my disheveled appearance.

Before we knew it our lovely beach day was over, and we had to go back to the ship.

I'm a mountain-girl through and through, but I love taking trips to the beach. I don't think I was built to necessarily live near the beach, because it works a number on my skin and hair, but I love to visit.

Maybe we'll just have to own a beach house someday.

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Brittney Galloway said...

ooh, beautiful pictures! Parasailing looks like fun! we were supposed to go on our honeymoon but it got short due to Ian landing a job interview back home :(

Unknown said...

You and Derek really do make such a lovely couple those pictures. What a lovely holiday you guys had. My favourite part was the DR :)

katie said...

What a nice day! And I think the beach does good things for your hair: You look beautiful!

Jenene said...

I am also going to pooh-pooh your comments about looking disheveled. You look relaxed and happy! These are really great pictures. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time! If I close my eyes real tight, I can almost imagine being in a place like that.....

cait said...

looks amazing! gorgeous pictures! we have never been on a cruise...would love to go sometime!

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