Pina Colada Popcorn, Anyone? Cruise Recap Part One

So I think I've come to the conclusion that these vacation recaps may have to be spaced out over a couple weeks. Because I have a ton of pictures that I want to share, and a bunch of stories to tell, and if I did those posts all in a row it would take us into next week.

And after so many straight picture posts, the blog tends to get a little boring.

So I'm going to intersperse picture/recap posts in with my regular type of posts, and we'll probably finish by the end of next week, but you all won't be so bored. Sound like a plan?

After we boarded the ship we had two days at sea. I rather liked having that amount of time before our first port, because it allowed us to recover from our crazy night flight schedule (we only had about 2-3 hours of sleep in about 48 hours). We also had plenty of time to explore the boat and relax.

Here we are after boarding the ship the first day:

There were a couple formal nights during the cruise, and the first was our second night on the boat. Here we are all dressed up:

After our lovely meal we went and relaxed in the Centrum (basically it was the main lobby-type area), and I took this picture. The boat was really nice - half the time you couldn't even tell you were on a ship!

I'm going to have to do a completely separate post on the towel animals, because I have pictures of each one. I will tell you that they were so cute - no pictures yet, you'll just have to take my word for it for now.

On Day Four of the cruise we arrived in Puerto Rico! Unfortunately we arrived in the afternoon on a Sunday, so we didn't get to do as much there as I would have liked.

We met up with some people from our dinner table and explored a little bit! It was very beautiful there, and very warm. It also rained - if you look at the pictures in order you can see how the state of my hair gradually deteriorates throughout the day.

Outside the walls of Old San Juan. There were some beautiful views of the harbor and the ocean.

Okay, so maybe I was just having a blonde moment, but when I saw this little cart I thought it was selling Pina Colada-flavored popcorn. Observe:

Pina Colada Popcorn. Does anyone else think that's what it looks like? Well, we decided we had to try some of that so we went up to buy some.

It turns out that those are the two separate items the cart was selling - and we didn't realize it until she started making a Pina Colada. We were going to split our Pina Colada Popcorn with the couple from our dinner table that we were exploring with, but Derek and I ended up buying the Pina Colada, and they got the popcorn.

At least we weren't alone - the other couple thought it meant Pina Colada-flavored popcorn too. Well, I dipped a piece of popcorn in my Pina Colada and ate it, just for good measure.

We took some time and explored this old fort.

Then we walked back through Old San Juan. There were cats everywhere, but it was a very pretty section of the city.

Back on the ship, with Puerto Rico in the background.

Derek and I took swing dancing lessons on the ship that night! It was alot of fun, and Derek was really good at it. I think we're going to look into taking more lessons and going swing dancing now that we're back home - we really enjoyed dancing the night away on the cruise ship!

Next post will be on St. Thomas . . .

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Unknown said...

Your hair looks stunning in those pictures! The harbour pictures looked beautiful - can see why you liked it there. The Centrium looks like a shopping mall but more stylish, can see why you didn't think you were on a cruise ship! :) Looking forward to the next post xo

~M~ said...

Wow! That ship looks so cool!

chloƫ. said...

these pictures are gorgeous! i love those colorful buildings! and the :) thanks for updating us...look forward to reading more!

Unknown said...

OMG that looks like so so so much fun! I am totally jealous and I can't wait to read/see more :) Swing dancing lessons would be so fun and I totally want to try the pina colada popcorn! Glad you had fun :)

Tatiana said...

how fun! I love cruises!!! This makes me want to go on a cruise vacation really badly! Your pictures look so cute, and you guys are beautiful together! I'm so glad you had fun :-)

AmyK said...

Pina colada popcorn... haha, I would have thought the same thing. Great pictures!! Looks like you had a great time.

Lauren said...

Oh so fun! I'm with you on the recap posts, it'll take me forever to get a full recap done!

Great pics, I've never been to Puerto Rico!

Jenene said...

Okay, I think Art and I will have to go on a cruise. I'm already jealous, and this is just the first post! :)

katie said...

What a fabulous time! I am so excited to keep reading...

Also, the more I read and hear, the more convinced I am that husband and I MUST go on a cruise someday!

Jessica said...

EVERYTHING is so beautiful! Looks like you had a great time. I am laughing out loud about the "pina colada popcorn"...I would have thought the same thing! Can't wait to hear more about your trip.

Anne said...

The ship looks awesome! I love cruises - and its so cool that you hung out with the people that you sat with at dinner. Some people don't like the assigned seating and meals thing, but I think its so fun getting to meet new people and dine with them throughout the trip.

Amber said...

Youre blog is too cute! :]

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