All The Questions (Part Two)

Here's Part Two of my Questions/Answers post!

If you weren't a dental hygienist, what would you want to be?

Oh, I have a couple. One appeals to my love for learning and research, and the other appeals to my creative side. I'd really like to do either job.

I would love to be a microbiologist. I loved my microbiology class in college - working in a lab, studying bacteria with those amazing microscopes? I had so much fun. I even volunteered to be a teaching assistant the next semester, getting paid a measly $7 an hour, just because I enjoyed it so much. I would love to be a research microbiologist and name a new bacteria species after myself. Or being a professor of microbiology would be pretty fun too.

The second thing I'd like to try would be a wedding cake designer/baker. I love looking at wedding cakes, and it's just amazing the things they could do these days. I think fondant looks really cool, and to be able to be creative and make something so pretty? That would just be fun. If I didn't have to deal with insane brides, it would be even better, but I guess that would come with the territory.

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What is your favorite book?

Well, of course the Bible is the book I couldn't do without, but besides the Bible, my favorite book is probably Anne of Green Gables by L.M Montgomery, and/or Emma by Jane Austen.

In reality, I kind of lump all the Anne of Green Gables books together as some of my favorites - they are so cheerful and imaginative, and the characters capture your heart (particularly Anne). The stories and predicaments in the books are charming, and when I read them it just feels like home. That's the best way to describe it.

I really enjoyed Emma - I haven't read all of Jane Austen's books yet, but Emma is probably one of my favorites so far. I think the character development is really good, and I love how she realizes her foolishness in the end and grows up. Not to mention I enjoy how the story plays out with her and Mr. Knightly!

I haven't read as many non-fiction books, but I really appreciated Knowing God by J. I. Packer, and Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerich is a book I think every married lady should read.

Wow, I guess I really didn't pick my favorite favorite, did I? It's almost impossible for me to pick a favorite book, because I'm a bookworm, and I enjoy so many! But you can't say I didn't try.

What's the most random thing you keep in your purse, and why?

Let's see, let me grab my purse. I have a pocket Constitution in my purse, because I think it's a good thing to have handy (in case I meet any crazy liberals who say the right to bear arms isn't in there, or display their ignorance of the Constitution in any other ridiculous way - then I can prove them wrong).

I have the cord to connect my iPod to my computer, mainly because I have a little car charger for my iPod, and I need the cord to plug it in.

I have five different colors of Sharpies, a highlighter, and a couple pens, because you never know when you'll need a Sharpie.

I have a nail brush, because when I had acrylic nails for a while I thought I'd like to have it to keep it clean under my nails.

But doesn't everyone keep the above items in their purse?

Oh, I know! We have a winner! I have Dramamine tablets in my purse. You know, because you never know when you're going to be on a ship and need some sea-sickness pills.

Even though I live in the middle of the mountains, a thousand miles from the ocean. Still, it's better to be safe than sorry, no?

(Actually if you want to know the truth, I got them for our cruise, just in case I got sea-sick, and I just never took them out of my purse. Thankfully it never got bad enough on the ship that I had to use them.)

How did you decide on your profession?

I knew at a pretty young age that I wanted to go into a healthcare field. I loved science, and it seemed like healthcare would be the best and most practical way to be able to incorporate my love of science in my career choice.

I was actually thinking about being a nurse for a while, but then I heard some horror stories about practicing shots on each yourself. For some reason that really disturbed me. I decided I just couldn't handle nursing.

Well, my mother, being the wonderful hand of guidance that she was, started looking into other professions for me. She found dental hygiene, and it was just perfect! Not only did they get payed really well, but you're able to adjust your hours easily, it incorporates science, and it's a great profession to have when you start a family, because you can make a pretty decent living on two days a week!

Subsequently, at the ripe age of twelve, I decided to be a dental hygienist, and started working toward it right then. Fast-forward a decade or so, and here I am, a Registered Dental Hygienist working two days a week in a dental office, and really happy that I have such a good job.

Ironically, hygienists can also give shots, and in hygiene school we did have to practice on each other. And it wasn't a big deal at all. Go figure.

Would you ever move away from [your state]? If so, where to?

I don't know if I'd ever move away from my state by choice, with no reason. I haven't been anywhere that I like better yet. If we were desperate for a job, or Derek's profession required it, or something, then maybe, but only if we felt like we really had to and the Lord was telling us to go. I really just love my mountains, and I think I'd have a hard time living in different terrain.

If I was told I had to move somewhere else, and I had my choice of anywhere, I think I might like to live in Wyoming. We went on vacation there once, and it was gorgeous, and they have some mountains (though it's more expensive to live by them). I don't know, Montana might be okay too - I hear it's just gorgeous there.

Though neither Derek nor I want to move away from here, we have talked about buying a beach house somewhere when we're old and rich, because we both love visiting the ocean. I like tropical beaches though, so it would have to be on a tropical beach, like in Hawaii, or the Caribbean. I could live in a beach house a few months out of the year, and live here the rest of the time - that might be alright!

What do you believe God thinks about you?

Well, according to what the Bible says, I know God thinks of me as His precious adopted child, His workmanship, and a citizen of Heaven (Romans 8:22, Ephesians 2:10, Philippians 3:20). He sees me as His child, because I've accepted His son, Jesus Christ, as my Saviour (1 John 3:1). I know since I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, I am covered with His righteousness, and when the Lord looks at me, He no longer sees my depravity, but Christ's righteousness (Romans 3:22). Before I believed, I know I couldn't even be in His presence because of my sin, but now that is all changed.

I assume you're just asking about how God views me as a believer, and that would be my answer. I know He has thrown my sin as far away as the east is from the west (Psalm 103:12), and I know He doesn't hold them against me any longer.

However, if you're meaning to ask about how the Lord views my behavior, I think there is still much to be desired. No one will ever be completely free of sin until we reach Heaven, when the Lord removes it from us forever. Until then we still have to fight our sinful desires, and I believe the Lord still corrects us when we are acting in a wrong way (Proverbs 3:12) - I know He's had to correct me often. Sometimes I think He must be disappointed in my behavior, and it grieves me to think I've grieved Him. I want "to live in a way that is worthy of the gospel of Christ" (Phillippians 1:27), and I know that I so often fail. But I also know that the Lord has forgiven me, and still sees me in the way I described above, despite my sin.

Hope that adequately answers the question!

Part Three of the Question Answer Post coming soon!

Sidenote: Blogger is doing really weird things with my comments - it's not counting them right, and I had to approve the same comment about five times. Anyone else having comment problems? If you commented in the last couple days, I'm not sure if it showed up correctly, because weird things are happening. Just FYI.

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Ange said...

yes, you totally nailed the answer to my question in the first half of your answer. i love the story of redemption!! Thank you, Jesus! =)

Brittney Galloway said...

haha, a pocket constitution?! That's a first for me!

Tatiana said...

A cake designer? That would be something fun to do! I've tried a few times but it turned out to be a disaster!

AmyK said...

I love hearing about the random things people keep in their purses. Haha.

Kate Craig said...

Yes Callie, we all have pocket constitutions in our purses. :P That's so funny!

So, I love Jane Austen, but Emma is not one of my favorites! What other ones have you read? Persuasion is my very favorite book, but it's usually not one of the more popular ones.

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