Eight Weeks Pregnant

Note: This post was written before I announced our pregnancy on this blog - I just thought I'd publish it for future reference.

I am eight weeks pregnant today.

Week eight seems like such a great week. When I first found out we were pregnant and I was skipping ahead in my pregnancy books to see what was to come, I was dying for the eight week mark to come around.

I guess in my mind, the baby is pretty established at eight weeks. The arms and legs, and little fingers and toes start forming. The baby starts swimming around in the womb this week.

Our baby the size of a grape - a whole grape! When we first found out, our baby was the size of a grain of rice. It's amazing what can happen in four weeks.

I've been feeling much better this week. I haven't felt nearly as nauseous, though there are still times when only one particular kind of food sounds appetizing and the thought of chicken still makes me want to throw up.

I feel as if my belly is definitely pooching a bit. I'm not sure if you can classify it as actually showing, because I think my uterus is just growing and pushing my intestines up and out, producing a slight pooch. I've been wearing more voluminous shirts to hide it, since we don't plan on telling anyone for another couple weeks.

At the same time I haven't gained any weight yet. I wonder if that's a bad thing. But that's also how I know my belly must legitimately be from my growing uterus, and not from that extra bowl of ice cream I ate last week.

Eight weeks. Another week and a half and I'll get to see my baby! I just can't wait.

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