Pathetically Weak Nails

My nails are really weak.

They just tore last night while I was flossing. Flossing! That's pretty pathetic.

Granted, they are a little weaker than normal right now, because they're still recovering from the manicure I got for our cruise in May (see my manicured hand in the photo). But I've always had weak nails.

This makes me sad, because I love it when I can grow my nails long and pretty. But it takes a lot of work, and when they get longer it usually doesn't last very long.

The hubby doesn't have this problem. His nails are as strong as, well, nails. He's always having to clip them, because they grow pretty fast.

I'm hoping our baby girls will inherit his nail-genes.

Is it just me, or are strong nails and long eyelashes too often wasted on men?

It's just not fair. Ah, but as my dad would always say, "Life isn't fair."


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Meg said...

Look for vitamins or supplements for nails at Walmart. I took them years ago when my nail seemed weaker and haven't had a problems since!

Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

Lots of my friends have weak nails...I was so excited when I was able to grow mine out for nearly eight weeks before our wedding and have a French manicure with my own nails. Haven't been able to do it since then, but at least it worked for that one important day! :)

Once in awhile when I'm really in the mood for nice nails, I buy Broadway brand (I've heard other ones aren't as good) "Real Life" glue on, French tip nails. They last 7-10 days (and if one pops off, you can usually glue it right back on, and they're easy to take off when you're done. I always get the "Real Short" length which looks great without inhibiting every-day work by being too long. They're about $5 a box and at least around here, they go on sale all the time. It's just my little splurge of girly-vanity and costs WAY less then a real manicure -- and most people can't tell the difference! :)

Lauren said...

Girl, you are definitely not alone! I have horribly weak nails & nothing seem to help. I wish I could grow beautiful long nails!

Anne said...

Agreed - my husband has the longest best eyelashes. I envy them!

LeAnna said...

If you take prenatal vitamins, it helps! I know a lot of girls who take their prenatal vit's for their hair and nails alone...I can't polish mine or they peel something horrible. They stay strong as long as I don't mess with them...And yes, men always get the longest lashes, so not fair.

Mrs. Lukie said...

I have always had incredibly weak nails, too, and it stinks.

I've been taking a prenatal vitamin for about 1 month now and my nails are hard as rocks and grow insanely fast. I used to trim my nails once a week or less often, but I find I'm having to trim them every 3 to 4 days now to keep them at the length I desire.

Felicia said...

My nails are super weak too! And Chris is like Derek! I totally agree - nice nails are wasted on men! :P I've found that Nutra Nail actually works for me, but my problem is that I don't use it regularly :S

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Oh my goodness, I have the worlds worst nails. I'm always chipping my nails, and it makes me so sad.

And yes, long eyelashes and nails seems to be given to most men, hmph!

Nicole Z said...

I've had a lot of friends that have taken prenatal vitamins and have had great results - I got a little freaked out at the thought of taking prenatals so my bff sent me Biotin and swore it would do wonders for my hair and nails. She was right! My nails not only grow faster but are much thicker and healthier, you should give it a shot! :)

And I agree about men having great eyelashes and nails - my fiances are soooo long, I love it! But I might be a little envious as well ;)

Melanie said...

Well I was blessed with having long eyelashes which I just love!!! I can grow pretty long nails too but they arent very hubbys nails are strong as rocks though..I dont know HOW men manage to do that!!

Rachel said...

I was never able to grow long tough nails but I've been taking biotin for about 2 months now and they are better than ever! I keep a coat of clear polish on them to make them even stronger. The biotin also helps my hair grow, you should try it!

Christi said...

this won't be a problem anymore with the bebe on the way!

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