Pizza, Mini-Golf, And Marmaduke

Derek and I had a lovely anniversary weekend!

Last week, Derek called me and told me about a date he had planned for us on Friday, so we ended spending that whole day together! This is a rare occurrence for us lately, since Derek is always working on the basement (it's coming along nicely - I think we're probably due for an update post). It was really nice to be able to spend so much time together this weekend - that was probably my favorite part. Our date on Friday was very enjoyable, even though a couple of our plans got changed.

Our official anniversary date was actually on Sunday. We went to church together, and we had plans to go to this Mexican-themed restaurant, because the atmosphere is really cool, and it's like an amusement park without the rides.

However, I just couldn't stop thinking about pizza throughout the entire church service. I know, that terrible! But I told Derek, and he agreed that we should go somewhere to get some pizza. So we went to Pizza Hut for lunch, and then brainstormed about something else we could do that would be fun.

We ended up doing two things. First, we went to see Marmaduke at the dollar theater. My mom and sister recommended we see it, because they said Marmaduke reminded them of our dog, Harvey. I must say, after seeing the movie, I totally agree with them! Harvey and Marmaduke are both big and clumsy, and they both have trouble listening. The likeness was uncanny.

After that, we went Mini-Golfing! I love miniature golf. I think we need to build a mini golf course on our property.

We hardly ever go mini-golfing, so to me it was something really fun to do for our anniversary! We had a great time.

I won.

So I guess we didn't do anything super-special or extra-fancy for our anniversary.

But pizza, a movie, and mini-golf with the man I love? That's always good.

P.S. These are the best pictures I have of my new 'do. What do you think?
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Rachel and John said...

Love the hair!
Sounds like the perfect anniversary weekend!!

~M~ said...

How fun! I haven't been mini golfing in forever!

Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

The hair is gorgous! Very becoming on you!

Pizza hut is pretty much my favorite pizza place to go to (other than chicago deep dish) and your anniversary weekend sounds amazing! Just like something that Hubs and I would plan. In fact I've planned a surprise date for him on Thursday which includes batting cages/mini golf, picnic in the park with homemade paninis! Instead of wine, we'll be drinking juice know because we can't be too romantic and old!

Lauren said...

Sounds perfect to me!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Your hair looks so cute! :) I want to see Marmaduke soon, it looked like a fun movie.

Jessica said...

Your haircut looks really cute! Glad you had fun on your anniversary :-)

Amber said...

Cute hair! Sounds like a fun anniversary weekend!

Stephen and Larissa said...

Sounds like a great anniversary. Just spending time together is the best!

P.S. Your new haircut is super cute!

Brittney Galloway said...

I love your hair! You look so great with short hair! Sounds like an amazing anniversary- just what life is all about, sharing it together!

Mrs. Lukie said...

Sounds like the perfect anniversary weekend to me! We're very low key and fun like that ;)

Love the haircut, by the way!

Anna Baur said...

Sometimes just hanging out like that is the absolute best thing!!! :) Sounds like a fun weekend!

Anne said...

I definitely love the hair! And I love mini-golf. It is one of my favorite dates! We are usually pretty low key for our anniversaries too, a day spent together doing fun things together sounds like the perfect anniversary celebration to me.

katie said...

Sounds like a great anniversary day to me! Love your outfit and I think your hair looks fantastic!

I'll have to tell the Mr. about Marmaduke. Sounds like a fun movie.

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