Note: This was written before I announced my pregnancy on this blog, but i thought I'd publish it for future reference.

I figured that I'd write a few pregnancy update posts, mostly for my own records, since you all won't know about the baby for another month or so.

Week Four was pretty mild - I didn't even feel pregnant, honestly. I had a few vague, cramping feelings, and I cried alot. That was about it.

Last week was Week Five, and I started feeling generally queasy, and very tired.

Now it's Week Six, and I still feel queasy. There is usually only one food that I actually feel like eating each day, and the problem is that it's never the same food twice.

No, I take that back. Last Friday I had to have a bean burrito from Taco Bell, and on Saturday, it was still burritos.

I was thinking "Oh good, it's going to be the burritos for the first trimester, and they're fairly inexpensive. I can handle that."

Then on Sunday, burritos just weren't sounding that great. I needed pizza.

Then yesterday it was chicken nuggets.

I haven't yet determined the acceptable food for today, and this is kind of a problem, because we're having friends over for dinner tonight. And I have no idea what I'm serving them.

Foods that are acceptable no matter when I eat them? Frozen ice cream fudge bars, any lemon-lime beverage, and pudding. I've been living on those three items for the past week, because if I can't have the one other acceptable food item, those are the only things I want to eat.

I guess it's just good that I can keep anything down. Some women throw up anything they eat. At least I'm not to that point.


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