New Pajamas

I like to have cute pajamas.

Why? Because I still consider myself newly married, and my dear husband deserves to have a cutely clad wife to fall asleep next to every night.

Unfortunately that doesn't always happen.

I have a few cute nightgowns, but after sleeping in them for a couple months they get all stretched out and pilled up, and it always kind of bugs me when those short little nightgowns get wrapped up around my waist (I'm a wild sleeper - I toss and turn alot).

After I start to feel frumpy in my nightgowns, I pull out the trusty shorts and t-shirt and start sleeping in those for a while.

Because, you know, shorts and a t-shirt are so much less frumpy.

I had started thinking I should pick up some new cute pajamas. I had been in the short and t-shirt phase for far too long. Well, I was shopping in Target yesterday and I spotted this:

These beautiful nightgowns that were on sale for $8.48! That's pretty cheap for good, cute pajamas, so I snagged one.

I tried it out over the weekend, and I think I love it. It looks lovely on. Can you say chic?

I was a little concerned that it might be uncomfortable to sleep in, because of how long it is, but I'm happy to report that I actually like it better than my short nightgowns.

It didn't get wrapped around my waist so much, like all the short ones tend to do. I guess it might be because it's longer, and has farther to go to get all the way up to my waist.

I was a little worried about not being able to stretch out my legs, but I really didn't feel constricted at all. If you like to practice some yoga moves while you're sleeping, like I sometimes do, the nightgown hiked up to just above your knees gives you adequate freedom to move.

Hooray for feeling like a Sleeping Beauty again!

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~M~ said...


Lauren said...

Cute! Why do pj's have to be such a complicated process?!? I'm with you on not wanting to look frumpy, but you're absolutely right--I hate how the short night gowns ride up around my waist!

Kristin said...

VERY cute! Hooray for cute pjs! I'm guilty too of going in and out of phases where I have nice nighties, then they get worn out, and I just don't go out and replace them, but you're right, our hubbies deserve it! Think I might poke around that department while I'm out shopping today! - Head on over to Windy Poplars and join in the fun of our Week of Confessions if you like! I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone better!

Jessica said...

What a great deal! And that is a very cute nightgown. I love Target! TJ Maxx also has really cute pajamas for an okay price if you have one near you. We don't have a Target or a TJ Maxx close to us, which makes me sad. Although I've heard rumors of a Kohls coming in just 15 minutes from my house which makes me CRAZY excited. I bet they have cute pjs too :-)

Anna said...

I love cute nightgowns too! I wish my Target had had that sale.

Anna Baur said...

what a great find!!

Sarah Louise said...

I wish Target was as popular in WV as it is in MN...the one near me has a horrible selection. I was there a couple of weeks ago looking for a cute night gown too, and left a little disappointed.

Natalie said...

you're adorable : ) i love that you wear cute pj's for your hubby---i definitely need to do that for mine. i recently discovered that HIS{way too big for me} boxers and t-shirt make the most comfy pj's and thats been my go-to for the past few weeks. i'm sure he just thinks it's soo sexy....
i'm busting out something cute tonight!! : )

Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

cute! I had the same problem with nightgowns until recently (they would get all hiked up around my chest and all twisted) I found a couple that had drawsrings around the waist so they at least stay down to my waist, I love it! It's been so nice not to wake up a hot mess all tangled in my pajamas and the sheets!

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