When You Can't Stand Up (Literally)

Note: I just want to assure you all that the pain described below is in no way crampy-type pain, and I'm confident that Babykins is just fine. Okay, read on.

Last night I could not stand up.

No, I don't mean I was so exhausted that I didn't want to stand up. I mean I could not. Well, unless I wanted to immediately fall on the floor again, screaming in pain.

Since I've gotten pregnant, my tail bone has been giving me some trouble. It gets rather sore, especially when I sit on soft things, like the couch. It feels better if I lay on the floor and pop it a couple times. I think it's acting up because everything in that pelvic region is growing and stretching.

I'm pretty sure this is related to that twisted tail bone issue that I was attempting to deal with several months ago. I'm thinking I need a chiropractic adjustment and it will be all better, but I haven't gone, because I'm a little scared to. I guess I just get worried that they'll do something wrong and hurt my baby. Hence I've just been dealing with those little twinges of pain here and there. Actually it has gotten alot better recently.

Until yesterday.

I noticed my back was starting to hurt a little more, but I took it to mean that things must be growing again, and I didn't worry about it.

Until the end of the day at work, when I started limping.

And later, when it hurt like crazy just to get out of the car.

And even later, when I found myself on the floor, unable to stand up.

I came home and sat down on the couch. First mistake - sitting on a soft surface. It started hurting a little bit, so I stretched out and lay down on the couch, thinking that if I was laying flatter, that would take some of the pressure off.

Derek was sitting on the couch with me, my legs on his lap. I decided I'd like to get a bowl of cereal and blackberries for dinner (last night was a fend-for-yourself night). So I swung my legs around to get up.

Or rather I attempted to.

Searing pain shot through my lower back the second I tried to move. I gradually worked to get my feet on the floor, and tried again to stand up.

No can do. Wasn't going to happen.

I lowered myself to the floor, hoping sitting on something hard for a while would help. I could not even crawl - I had to scoot. I'm pretty sure I looked rather pathetic. Derek was pretty concerned, and he got my cereal for me. Thanks Babe.

So after I had finished my lovely cereal, it was time to get ready for bed. My back was feeling better from sitting on the floor, so I tried to stand up again by bending my legs to a squatting position and standing up from there.

I couldn't even get to the squatting position. It hurt to lift my left leg.

Well, just crossing my feet and standing straight up from the floor wasn't an option, so I tried the only other way I could think of. I bent my legs and kind of rolled up onto my feet, bum in the air, ready to straighten up from there.

Except I couldn't straighten up from there. I was stuck with my hands on my feet, unable to straighten, because my back hurt so badly.

I kind of broke down at this point. Rolled back to the floor and started crying my little heart out. It's really disturbing when you can't even do something as simple as standing up because you are in so much pain.

Derek was really sweet and concerned, and we prayed together. Then he got me a glass of ice water (my hubby is the best), and I gulped it down, which stopped the crying. After that I was able to ever-so-gradually work my way to my feet. It hurt like crazy to put any weight on my left leg, but I slowly did, and soon I was walking all over the house again. Once I get going, it doesn't hurt anymore, but I was really afraid I wouldn't be able to get out of bed this morning.

I did, but I could barely walk. Once I got going it was better again, but it still hurts to bend over or when I sit a certain way.

I called my doctor's office to talk to a nurse, but they haven't called me back yet.

So here I sit, waiting for the nurse to call back, uncertain as to whether I'll be able to get up, typing this post. I hope it wasn't too long and boring. I'd appreciate your prayers - I'm sure the Little One is fine, but I certainly can't function like this for long.

Thank you, Friends.

Now, I have to finagle myself into the shower. This should be interesting.

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LeAnna said...

You poor thing! Yes, the pelvic/uterine area does a LOT of growing (round ligament pains can hurt SO bad!) make sure your chiro is used to working on pregnant women. I have a regular chiro, and then one that deals with a LOT of pregnant ladies that I go to when I'm pregnant.

Rachel and John said...

You should go to a massage therapist! Mention to your OB or the nurse and i'm sure they will write you a note so your insurance covers it!
I hope it gets better soon!

Hannah said...

sorry. you should go to the chiropractor. I know tons of girls who have gone while pregnant and they've said it actually helped their pregnancies...and labor. (they compared it to other labors when they couldn't afford to go)

Mrs. Lukie said...

Oh, you poor thing! I hope you get it checked out soon and are on the road to feeling better in no time.

Amber said...

Oh no! I'm sorry! I hope you get feeling better quickly...get yourself to the chiropractor asap! They know how to adjust pregnant women, so don't let that be a concern. Just make sure they know BEFORE they adjust you that you're preggo! I'll pray for your pain :(

Jessica said...

That sounds awful :-( I hope you hear from the nurse soon, and find out what to do about this! Praying for you!

katie said...

Oh my goodness. Bless your heart! I'll be praying for you. I don't know the slightest thing about chiropractors / pregnancy / massage-for tail bone issues, but I hope you find some continued relief from this.

Jenene said...

Callie, PLEASE get yourself to a chiropractor. They will only do you (and your baby) good (if they are used to treating pregnant women, like LeAnna said). With everything that's stretching and widening, they'll make sure it all stays in place.

And I'm confident the baby is fine, but you need to make sure your back and hips can handle the weight BEFORE you gain the weight.

I'll definitely be praying for you!

Brittany Ann said...

Oh honey, I'm praying your pain lessens. My friend had tailbone pain from an old injury during her pregnancy, too.

Amanda said...

I agree with all the advice to go the chiropractor. I have a sports injury that is in my tailbone and it's horribly painful when it gets "sprained". I've been going to a chiropractor for years. He told me to lay flat on the couch or bed for a few days, icing the area for 20 mins every hour. Feel better soon!

Kelley said...

praying for you friend! I hope you got a call back and some relief since yesterday! I agree, massage of a chiropractor!

Laura S said...

oh my goodness! I'm glad you're feeling better now.

{N} Jones said...

Oh my goodness, I totally feel your pain! I had this same thing happen early on in my pregnancy. I would just be walking along and a sharp jabbing pain would about send me to tears. It felt like I just needed to stretch it out - but I couldn't get to it. So frustrating! I hope you are not dealing with this anymore! Mine has gone away for the time being.

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