Hello Maternity Pants

Every pregnant woman needs a cute pair of maternity jeans! Last week I bought my first pair of maternity jeans from Kohls. I was originally trying to find some cheap maternity pants at different thrift stores. Sometimes you can find really cute things at thrift stores for very reasonable prices.

I checked about seven or eight different Goodwills, Salvation Army, and ARC thrift stores, and I've finally concluded that people give all their old and really ugly maternity pants to thrift stores. I'm sorry, even though they're only five bucks a pair, I'm just not wearing that. I want to be a cute pregnant woman, thank you.

So, I went ahead and bought a pair from Kohls. They are lovely. My regular jeans were just getting too uncomfortable, even with the rubber band trick and my BeBand from Target. I've also noticed that my belly seems to relax a bit more, since it's not being squished into jeans that are too tight, and I look more pregnant.

The great thing is, they look like any normal pair of jeans, and they're actually very cute while still being very comfortable.

A word to the wise though: do not order maternity pants online without trying them on first. You're supposed to just buy maternity clothes in your pre-pregnancy sizes, but unfortunately, the way the same size fits varies widely between brands. One size 4 may fit you perfectly, another size 4 may give you the saggy-behind look. Not pretty. I would recommend trying them on somewhere before ordering, or at least making sure that you can return them easily if they don't fit.

I'm expecting to buy one or two more pairs of maternity pants in the next couple weeks. I discovered a very flattering pair of maternity jeans at JC Penny that I may possibly buy, and my sweet sister-in-law gave me a gift card to Motherhood Maternity, which I may just use on a pair of pants as well.

Once you've given in to the maternity pants, it's hard to go back.

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Kelley said...

you will be one fashionable mama-to-be!

Amber said...

Those sound SO much more comfortable than regular jeans!! Glad you found some cute ones. I'm totally with you on the whole wanting to be a cute preggo lady and not look frumpy!!

Unknown said...

My sister loved wearing her maternity jeans. It was one of the things she missed once she gave birth :)

Claire said...

I just wish they would put belt loops in maternity pants!!! I love how comfy they are, but I just can't for the life of me get them to stay up!!! Especially when I'm squatting up and down all day taking care of my toddler ;) But I just got a cute pair at Kohl's last week too! If yours are the ones in the picture, they're not the same ones but I totally tried that pair on! (they weren't best friends with my booty though!!!) how's your belly going??? post a picture!!!

Anna said...

I like your choices! Very cute! I only had two pairs because I stayed home most of the time and didn't want to spend money on more... but I'll buy another pair or two next time around.

My favorite pair of the two was from Old Navy... they were so cute and stylish.

I've found that maternity pants tend to run a little big... I guess b/c most of us gain a little in the hips, thighs, etc., not just the belly. :)

Do you have a Ross nearby? I couldn't find good maternity pants there but they had lots of cute inexpensive shirts.

Julie S. said...

I totally miss my maternity pants. Something about not having to remember to button/zip pants is just so awesome!

Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

haha, I've heard that it's hard to go back even post pregnancy! Such a cute pair that you picked out, I love your fashion maternity posts, keep 'em coming, I'm collecting tips for the future!

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