An Herbal Garden Bedroom

Finally, the long awaited paint color post! I finally decided on a paint color for our downstairs bedroom.

And the final decision is . . .

Neither of the afore-mentioned colors!

Here's a picture of the four samples of green paint that I got. I'm afraid that the colors aren't really represented very well in this picture - I tried to adjust it a bit so they look a little more true to real life, but still not perfect. They all look just slightly duller here than they do in person, so keep that in mind when viewing my choices.

Turned out that the pepper green (far left in picture) is really nuclear on the wall in person.

Scotland Isle (second from the left) was just too dark and brown for my idea of what I want the bedroom to look like, I'm afraid.

Thank goodness for paint samples, because I would never have known this about either of those colors if I hadn't got some samples and actually painted them on the wall!

Thankfully, I also threw in a couple other possible greens when I picked up the paint colors. Those would be the two on the right in the picture.

The far right one, Asparagus, is just a tad too yellow for my purposes.

Which leaves us with the winner, Herbal Garden (second from the right)!

Like I said before, it doesn't look quite right in the picture I took, but trust me, in person it's a nice cheery green color, but without being too obnoxious.

Here's a couple examples of a room painted in Herbal Garden from Apartment Therapy.

This isn't how I'm going to decorate our bedroom, but it gives you an idea of the color.

And the Behr paint chip form the Home Depot website.

I'm actually getting really nervous about the color now that I've made my choice. You see, I grew up with all white walls. This is my first serious departure into the world of color.

I really have no clue what I'm doing. I'm pretty terrified that it's going to look ridiculous once I get it on the wall.

But then I remember that it would fairly inexpensive to pick a different color and re-paint the room if I get it on the wall and just hate it. I can always change my mind later.

The green color for a bedroom does seem rather obnoxious though, doesn't it? To the average observer, they would see that color on the wall, without my furniture or anything in there, and think "What is Callie thinking, painting a room that hideous color?"

Let me assure you, I have a vision. In my head, the finished product with all my furniture and linens and decorations looks lovely. I just hope I can pull it off.

And if I hate the color I can always try a different shade. And it won't be a big deal.

Deep breath.

I was talking with my sister yesterday, and she informed that she had read an article that quoted a study which said that women who have bedrooms that are painted in bright colors are generally happier. It's a true statistic. I'm all for feeling happier and more energized.

And I am trying to break out of the white-wall box.

Deep breath.

I need a pep-talk from you people with actual colors on your walls!

Pep-talk away, please!

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LeAnna said...

I like! I grew up with a Mom who changed the wall colors constantly. And she always painted everything with a BRUSH. No rollers. That meant we were always pulling out drop cloths and moving around furniture. Plus I married a contractor and he loves paint. His theory? If you don't like it, paint it another color. That being said, paint can always be painted over, or...something like that. ;) But I really like the green!!

Hannah said...

colors are great. I don't think green is bad for a bedroom. I like it. My bedroom in highschool was green and I loved it. Go for it!

Kate Craig said...

I think you picked the right one! I grew up with white walls too... now I've had a bright yellow kitchen, a BRIGHT green bathroom, orange living room, purple bathroom, and tan bedroom. And it definitely makes me happy!

Natalie said...

i love it! it looks great : )

Brittney Galloway said...

I really like your choice! with some good decoration and design it could be really soothing! I try to stay away from red (anger) and yellow (too stimulating,) in a bedroom, but green and blues are pretty soothing and calming, so I think you're good to go!

Kelley said...

I love the color you chose! I love bright colors and I don't think that color is obnoxious at all! I painted my craft room turquoise! And it's wonderful!

Good luck with the painting!

Jenene said...

When I was in the 9th grade, my friend told me that she was painting her bedroom walls bright red. And it suited her so perfectly. Her bedroom looked awesome and fun; not at all like a bloodbath.

So I decided I wanted to paint my room! I chose a lovely shade of lilac for the uppper walls, and a slightly darker shade for the lower walls. My room was so tranquil!

My sister decided to get in on it. She painted her room sunshine yellow (with vivid green and blue trim). It's a tiny bit of shock when you see it for the first time, but it is quite cheery!

I think the green you chose is a good color. And you're really good at decorating, so I know you'll make it work. :D

Rachel and John said...

OUr bedroom is green, but a darker green. It came that way and I don't mind it. At first I thought it was too dark but then I added white curtains and a white bedspread and now it looks great. So I think the paint will be wonderful and even if you think it's too much color, please put some other things in the room and see if that helps before you re paint.

Lauren said...

Ok, well I love it! absolutely love it! that's very close to the color I painted our bathroom and I couldn't be more pleased. I would totally paint an entire room that color with the right furnishings!

Good luck, and like you said it's a cheap easy fix if you hate it...but I have a feeling you won't!

Callie said...

This was a comment from Felicia - I just had to edit our last name out. :-)

"Oh yay for colour!!! Callie, you'll be just fine! Your thought process is correct - if you don't like it, just change it! Just think of how lovely it'll be for Baby *Last Name* to grow up in a house full of colour and cheerfullness! Once you see the final product, you'll be in love :D"

Ashley said...

Looks good Callie! I think you made the best choice out of those other greens. Can't wait to see the finished product! (I'm sure you can't either!:)

Anne said...

I like it! I have a friend who had a room that was painted green color very similar to that and loved it. All of the rooms in our house are pretty bright (blue, yellow and red bedrooms, a green living room and a chocolate brown family room and kitchen) and growing up with white walls it was a very big transition, but now I love it. I'm sure you will end up loving it and I can't wait to see pictures of the finished product!

SB said...

I LOVE color on the walls. My mom never let us paint our walls growing up. It was always white. So now, every room in my house except my husband's man cave is colorful! I even have a lime green bathroom. It's actually brighter than intended, but it's the only space I can truly get away with that shade of green and it's grown into one of my favorite rooms. I will probably have to repaint it though when we sell the house...not many people like neon green :)

Unknown said...

I love that colour green it was my favourite shade from the samples :) Oh I completely agree with your sister. My bedroom is yellow and cream and I always feel happier in it :)

MrsErvin said...

Super cute! Green is supposed to be a calming color, isn't it? In our first home we had a bright red living room and a blue kitchen :) I'm all for color! White walls make me feel like I am living in an insane asylum. You are right, paint is easy and cheap...slap it on and see what you think!

Jessica said...

This is very similar to the color on my kitchen walls. I love it! And I've gotten lots of compliments on it. so don't worry, it will look great :-)

Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

it's ok, you're going to love it! We did a lovely blue/purple/gray on our bedroom walls, a redish-orangish-brownish color in our bathroom and varying shades of browns in our living room/kitchen and office. All came out great and we love it! I love the green color you picked out and I think it will look great! Paint really changes the look and it is so easy to fix if you don't like it!

NaomiG said...

Looks great! Came over from Hope Road. I just painted my master bedroom green this spring, and I love it, it is SO restful. Green actually acts as a neutral in my room, and it is LOVELY, I cannot get enough of it. I still twirl in it here and there, to be truthful. :-) Here's my post about the room:

I grew up with white walls too, and now they drive me crazy--I really can't stand white anymore. :-)I had a barn red kitchen before, and I loved that too. Right now I'm slowly changing all the rooms in our house over to colors... tans, greens, grays, etc. Those colors just envelop you in warmth and make a home feel so homey. :-)

So, go for it, you won't regret it! I promise! :-)

Stephen and Larissa said...

Sounds like fun to me! Our walls are all currently white because we are in an apartment, but I have big plans for our someday house! Go for it!!

Unknown said...

I like that color! Good job for steping out of the box :) I can't wait to see the pictures!

Amber said...

Wish I could give you a pep talk from current experience...but since we rent, all walls are white! I CAN tell you that I do love the color, and I think it will look fabulous! I plan to paint every wall in my house...not one will be white!!!! Except maybe the ceiling. But I'm so sick of white. I need me some color!

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