Letter To Autumn

Dear Autumn,

What happened to you? I know I haven't seen you in a year, but you've changed. You're not like I remember you at all.

I hardly even recognized you at first. The only thing that tipped me off that it was you was the few trees you've been turning yellow. But your heart isn't even in that, Autumn. The leaves almost look brown, and half of them haven't even turned at all. What happened to your bright colors?

What happened to that lovely briskness you brought to the air? I don't understand why you've been giving me 90 degrees when I want your usual coolness! I miss sweaters, Autumn. I miss hot soup and tea. I miss how my nose used to get cold after a little time in your presence.

I know what's going on. You've been hanging out with Summer too long. I know she's bubbly, and cheerful, and warm. She's appealing in her own way. But Autumn, we love you for who you are. We don't want you to turn into Summer. You have so much to offer, so many gifts to give the world, but we can't be blessed by them unless you just be yourself, instead of trying to be like Summer.

Don't you miss our old jaunts through the spicy, brisk air? Don't you miss the sweaters and soup and tea that you used to inspire us to? Don't you miss everyone exclaiming about the glorious colors you painted the trees?

Come back to us, Autumn. Even if you don't miss us, we miss you.

Your Friend,

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Jenene said...

Come and visit me! We're having a good and proper fall! Crisp, cool, foggy mornings, brightly colored leaves, warm-ish afternoons, and the smell of holiday spices filling my kitchen when I make pumpkin muffins this weekend.

In all seriousness, that was a beautiful letter, and I don't see how Autumn could resist your kind exhortations. I hope it comes 'round soon.

Rachel and John said...

hahahah you are hilarious. If you want Autumn you should come visit me!

Amber said...

Here, here! I'm ready for sweaters and boots and scarves...I'm NOT a fan of 80-90 degree days in late September!

Felicia said...

Oh Callie, we are soul sisters for our love of autumn. It hasn't been that lovely here either. It's been so windy that the trees are almost bare already. And most days I haven't even needed a sweater! So sad!

Ashley said...

Hehehe, very true - 90 degree weather is a little too hot for fall time!!

Anna said...

I concur! But only because I live in Florida and autumn just doesn't like us down here!

MrsErvin said...

a-MEN!! I am done with summer. I need 40 degrees and foggy soon before I loose my mind. There should never, ever be a time when you have to sleep with the window open in september so you don't sweat all night...wrong.

Brittany Ann said...

Preach on, sister! I feel the same way!

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