Celestial Seasonings - Discontinuing Teas

I grew up drinking Celestial Seasonings tea.

Oh, but not just Sleepytime and other traditional flavors. We always used to get the special flavors. The flavors they don't sell in just any store.

You probably weren't even aware of all the flavors Celestial Seasonings offers, were you? Or offered, I should say.

A couple months ago we decided it was time to stock up on some of our favorite teas again. But much to my dismay, I learned something horrifying.

Celestial Seasonings has discontinued many of their teas! I couldn't believe it - I would no longer be able to enjoy some of my favorites.

Like these dessert teas, which are fabulous with anything sweet.

English Toffee Dessert tea:

Vanilla Hazelnut Dessert tea:

Or the teas I always find myself reaching for whenever I want to drink something hot - like Vanilla Strawberry Rose Ceylon Black Tea, which has the most unique taste . . .

. . . Or Decaf Canadian Vanilla Maple, which is so delicious in the fall, especially when you have a handful of candy corn to go with it.

I was looking forward to getting some of my old favorites that I haven't had in a while, like Tuscany Orange Spice tea:

This image from Amazon.com.

And what about the ones that I never got to try? Such as this Apple Banana Chamomile Latin tea, which looks like a fascinating flavor.

I promptly called customer service (or rather Derek did - I was rather distraught, and he's good at talking to those people), and we told them how unhappy we were that they were discontinuing so many teas. They said that corporate had decided to discontinue alot of their black teas and white teas, and focus more on their green teas.

Now I know that green tea is a trend right now. But every tea company is doing green tea. Celestial Seasonings was different. They had a niche, and they had the most unique tea flavors on the market.

Business tip from an unhappy customer - when you have a niche, you shouldn't give it up to become like every other company out there.

I was told that if enough people tell them the teas that they really enjoy, they may decide to bring some of them back. I decided to tell them about Vanilla Strawberry Rose and Decaf Canadian Vanilla Maple.

One of the teas I called about, Vanilla Strawberry Rose Ceylon Black Tea may be back. At least when I checked again before posting this, it was no longer on the discontinued tea list - so maybe it worked. I don't know.

But Decaf Canadian Vanilla Maple is still on the list.

I find myself hoarding the few tea bags I have left of my beloved discontinued teas. I suppose I should drink them before they get stale, but I don't want to. Because then they'll be gone. Maybe forever.

Oh, Celestial Seasonings, how can you do this to me?

Discontinued Celestial Seasonings Teas.
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Natalie said...

oh no!!! ILOVE celestial seasonings. Just had some this morning. THey better not discontinue anymore! I will be so bummed : (

LeAnna said...

I've never heard or seen any of those CS teas before! We buy ours through our co-op. You should try Stash teas, they have some really good ones!

Amanda said...

oh no! hopefully they will bring it back for ya! i love tea...but i have never tried any of those exciting flavors. i have tried the sleepy time tea. it tastes a little minity or something!

Jenene said...

I hope they're not getting rid of their holiday teas too! I love their special Christmas tea. I don't know exactly what the flavor is, but the box has a picture of snow and holly and tinsel, and the taste is just so.....Chrsistmasy!

On the other hand, if their special flavors aren't selling a whole lot, then it doesn't make sense to keep making it. But that is sad, because you're right: they make so many unique flavors!

Amber said...

Man! I hate it when something like that happens! It's such a disappointment. And I, like you, always call customer service in hopes to bring it back! Let's hope it worked!

Brittney Galloway said...

Oh no! I love Celestial Seasonings tea! We can't get it over here but I'm having people ship me my sleepytime tea!

Jessica said...

I Love Celestial Seasonings tea, too! What a bummer. I hate green tea, so I'm definitely not a fan of discontinuing the good stuff for that. ha!

Ash said...

Congratulations! You are halfway through, it'll go by so fast! I cannot believe we 7 weeks to go!

I've never been a huge tea drinker, but my mom loves Celestial Seasonings because of their great selection, how sad they are discontinuing so many.

Melanie said...

I hate it when great things are discontinued!!! Some of those teas sounded amazingly yummy..thats saying alot coming from a person that typically dislikes tea!! BTW..where did you go to buy some of those specialty ones..since they obviously arent available at places like Walmart?

Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

you know, I've never been a big tea fan, they are always too bitter for me and I don't like adding copious amounts of honey and sugar to get it down. But these sound amazing! Shame I find out after they are no longer being carried! If english toffee or vanilla hazelnut or canadian vanilla maple get picked back up, please let me know, I'd love to try them!

april said...

they do a Christmas mint tea that I love and always hoard so that it lasts the whole year...I stock up! :) Have a funny story about that. Anyway, hope that they bring back some of the ones you love AND hoping that they don't discontinue that Christmas tea!

Laura said...

Way back when I bought the vanilla strawberry rose on discount after v-day, I likewise contacted them, distraught. Now I know the dessert ones never sold well in our stores, but that vanilla strawberry flavor was so gorgeous... unique... fragrant... so I hear ya. Worse is they apparently brought it back for v-day 2011 and I MISSED IT!! SO UPSETTING! *sighhhh*

Ali K said...

They discontinued peach apricot honeybush my favorite and I'm finishing the last of my stash now 😭😭😭

Anonymous said...

I switched to Yogi Vanilla Hazelnut tea - better than none - but not as good

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