Halfway Through! 20 Weeks

Callie's Status

I am officially halfway through this pregnancy! Where did the time go? Of course, when I was looking ahead to 20 weeks, it seemed so unattainable, but as I look back at the four months since we found out, it seems like it has flown by!

I'm still feeling great! I feel very pregnant right now - my belly leads me. I can't imagine how I'll feel at 8 months when I feel so chubby at 5 months, but I rather like it right now.

Over the past couple weeks I got some nice heels that are short enough for my maternity pants (they don't typically make maternity pants long enough for my 3-4 inch heels), and we started planning our gender reveal party.

I've been reading that my uterus should be at my belly button this week, but I think we're significantly past that. My doctor told me that my uterus was already at my belly button two weeks ago, and I feel baby movement at or above my belly button periodically. I'll let you know for sure how big it is after our next doctor's appointment.

I'd also like to note that my belly button is already partially out! It's been extremely shallow for the last couple weeks, and this past Saturday I was wearing a thin shirt and noticed that I could see my belly button through my shirt. The upper portion of my belly button pokes out when I stand up, though my maternity pants conceal it. So I'm thinking I'll definitely have an outie, and it may be showing up sooner than I thought.


We've also had several pregnancy milestones over the past two weeks:

As you all know, even though I think I started feeling movement around Week 16, on September 29th I felt the baby for sure, and I started feeling the baby daily after that.

On October 7th, I felt the baby kick from the outside! That was pretty exciting. Yep, Babykins is already kicking me hard enough to feel on the outside - I thought I'd have to wait a little longer for that. We were watching TV at the time, and I immediately put Derek's hand on my stomach so he could try to feel it. This is when we discovered that Babykins is rather shy - if I poke at my stomach or apply any pressure, he/she decides to stop moving. It's cute! The baby started back up again after a little while though, and Derek may have felt one of the lighter kicks!

On October 14th, Derek most definitely felt the baby kick! He probably felt it on the 7th too, but we know he felt it on this day for sure.

On October 16th, I was sitting in bed reading, with my belly bared (don't ask me why - I just like looking at it at night, I guess), and I actually saw the baby move from the outside! I had the book resting on my stomach, and the baby kicked right in front of the edge of the book - I simultaneously felt and saw the movement! It was so cool!

Babykin's Status

As for the baby, he/she now weighs about ten ounces (which is about the weight of a can of pop or bottle of water), and the baby is ten inches long from head to toe! The baby also has hair now, and it's eyebrows are starting to fill in.

My baby tends to like to sit on the left side of my belly, and kick on the right side. I know this because when I lay down my belly sometimes looks uneven and veers off to the left. The lower right section of my belly is it's favorite place to kick - I feel movement there alot!

I read that the baby's wake/sleep cycles are similar to a newborn's now - if that's the case, we'll probably be on a wake period every two hours from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM at first. I should start recording the times when the baby is moving more, and see if a pattern develops. Like I said, right now it seems the baby is more active about every two hours throughout the day.

Belly Pictures And Haircut

Here are some new belly pictures! I feel like a whale. And I'm only halfway through.

The above pictures are probably the most accurate representation of the size of my belly, because I'm standing up straight and tall (even though the top of my head got cut off - try to ignore that). It can, however, look alot bigger depending on how I'm standing. For example, this set of pictures was taken with me standing on an upward slope, so I'm inadvertently sticking my belly out more:

So the appearance of the belly depends largely on how I'm standing. I think I'm definitely looking more pregnant now either way though!

You can also see me sporting my lovely new haircut in these pictures - I had a brief panicky moment on Saturday, because I wasn't liking the way it looked, but my mom was over and touched up a couple spots, and then I took a shower and styled it. I'm happy with it now!

Gender Poll

And, of course, the most exciting thing is that we are finding out the gender in a little over a week! We'll have the gender reveal party that Saturday, and then I'll announce the baby's gender on the blog on November 1st.

It may be cliche, but I'll jump on the bandwagon and do the gender poll for Babykins! I'm actually doing it because I'm super curious about what you guys think it is. Here are the stats for those of you who want to make an "educated" guess:

-I had pretty mild morning sickness. I didn't throw up at all, and there were only a couple times when it was actually bad enough to grab the vomit bowl. It lasted from about Week 5 through Week 10.

-No cravings. At all. Unless you count Week 6 "cravings", but they only qualified as such in the sense that they were the only thing that didn't make me want to throw up.

-Belly seems to be going out front - not to the side so much. And you can see the rest from the belly pictures.

-The baby's heartbeat has typically been around 155 bpm. At 9 Weeks (the first time we heard/saw it) it was around 167 bpm.

-I haven't noticed any changes in my face, and Derek hasn't gained any weight.

Okay, there you go! If you want me to know your guess, you can tell me what it is in the comments in addition to voting. Or if you want to remain anonymous, you can just do the poll, and then once I announce the gender, you'll have the option of pretending that's what you thought all along, even if it wasn't! Just kidding. Aha.

The poll is now open.

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Kelley said...

oh my goodness friend! You are just adorable with that little belly! AND I love your new hair!

I think it's a girl....well heck I don't really know....but it is in fact a baby! That's pretty exciting right?!

Anna said...

Yay, an update! You're looking beautiful, Callie, and not in the least like a whale. I remember the excitement of those first movements... and Christian would always shy away when his daddy tried to touch him too. :)

I'm guessing boy! :)

Amanda said...

i loved reading the baby update!! and you look so beautiful! you carry that baby bump beautifully! :) have a happy monday! xo

Amber said...

Yay! Love the belly pictures!! And I'm loving the new haircut as well! :)

I say boy!!! Can't wait to find out!

Rachel and John said...

I voted boy because I heard that if you are really morning sick, you are 80% likely to have a girl. And I can't believe you feel fat. You are still super tiny and that belly is 100% uterus and baby.

Jenene said...

Well, if you believe all the myths about how symptoms reveal the gender, then most of those point towards boy. But I think you're having a girl.

And you are so funny! "I feel like a whale." You're three weeks ahead of me, and our bellies are the same size! You're going to be a tiny pregnant lady, even at full term.

Oh, and I love your hair. It turned out very well.

Melanie said...

You got a cute baby bump now for sure!!! You look great Callie..and your new haircut looks great too!! I want to guess your having a GIRL!

Anne said...

I'm thinking girl! Can't wait to find out - and I think you look great :)

Unknown said...

I think it's a boy!

LeAnna said...

You are NOT a whale darlin', you look positively GREAT for 20 weeks. Now, I on the other hand, I look like a whale. ;) Your hair is super cute!

chloƫ. said...

Well I know NOTHING about predicting gender, but you look super cute! And if I just took a wild guess, I would say a girl. :]

Felicia said...

You are looking so gorgeous, my friend!! I have no reason for guessing this, but I want you to have a girl! And your hair looks gorgeous too! You are just beauuuutiful!!! :D :D

Ashley said...

That's great! Still so excited for you! Yep, looking cute-pregnant! That's a cute haircut too! Let's see, I'm guessing a girl!

april said...

I'm saying boy...based on how the lack of morning sickness. However, my sister was horribly sick with her first, and it was a boy. So....but, I still say boy. :)

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