More Congrats

Yes, another pregnancy announcement this week! My goodness, something is in the water.

If you read her blog, you'll know that this person is very sweet and genuine, which I had the privilege of finding out first-hand when I met her this past summer.

I think alot of you follow this person too, but you very likely might have missed her announcement, because she was so sneaky about it. Very tricky, Girly. I almost missed it myself.

So I'm going to give you all a little hint in the form of a link, and you can go over there and congratulate her. I give you full permission to pretend that you are the world's greatest blog follower - you don't have to tell her I sent you over!

Here is said person's pregnancy announcement!

P.S. Congrats, Chloe! I am so happy for you!

P.P.S. Sorry if it feels like I'm bombarding you all with pregnancy congratulations this week - I just really appreciated when people took the time to congratulate me on their blogs, so I want to pass the blessing on. Be assured that you all are going to get pregnancy congrats on the blog when you announce your news too!

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Amber said...

Yay for babies! It's a baby boom!

Felicia said...

Mmm babies babies babies. Are we experiencing another baby boom? I know 3 people who are going to have babies any day now, a few more that just had babies, and some more that are expecting babies to come! (nudge nudge :D) I just want to hold one already, for Pete's sake!

Brittney Galloway said...

Thanks for posting this or I would have totally missed it!

Unknown said...

I totally agree with you there is something in the water. I know 9 people are pregnant and due next year. I love it!

chloƫ. said...

You are TOO SWEET! Thank you for this sweet post. It made me smile.

And, you know, I was just trying to be creative. ;)

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