Crossing Items Off The List

My life is a pile of lists right now. Lists of questions to ask the doctor, lists of things to do for Christmas, lists of things to do before the baby comes. Lots of lists, and especially that massive master to-do list that I talked about last Tuesday.

Thankfully Derek and I were able to cross several big things off the list over this past week! Here's what we accomplished.

1. Bought gifts for my dad and brother. This was stressing me out. Remember that post on what to get men for Christmas? My dad and brother are who prompted it. I took the easy way out and got them movies and CDs that they wanted, which seems so un-creative, but I guess it works.

2. I cleaned out my dresser drawers. I had been putting it off for weeks, but it needed to be done before we could move our furniture, and I finally just did it last week.

3. Got a new washer and dryer. Derek and I really excited about this one. Did anyone go out on Black Friday? Derek and I made our first serious attempt to get some Black Friday deals this year.

We had unsuccessful attempt to get a TV at Walmart. We should have showed up about an hour earlier and maybe we would have gotten one. However, after that shopping failure, we headed over to Sears because we saw they had some good deals on washing machines and dryers (remember that post about how our washing machine died?).

And what do you know, even though we got there two hours after opening, there were still washers and dryers available to buy. Apparently laundry appliances aren't high on the list of things people buy on Black Friday.

So, instead of spending $1200 on a washer, which is what we were anticipating, we were able to get one for $600! That's a crazy deal for a washer and dryer set! A much more manageable amount of money to spend, and I'm so excited to actually be able to do laundry in my own house again. I'm way behind.

I also got a couple gifts for Derek at Sears that were probably close to half price! I won't say any more, just in case he's reading this, but that made me pretty happy as well.

Oh yes, and some pretty fabulous boots for myself from JCPenny. Derek gave me permission to buy them (usually I wouldn't so close to Christmas, but he said I could, so I did). It was a pretty successful Black Friday.

4. Derek and I decided on a hospital.

I know, all you crazy pregnant people who had your birth plan figured out at 6 weeks are staring at the screen in shock that we're just now deciding on a hospital.

My doctor's office works with three different hospitals, and I know someone who has given birth in each. It's a big decision to make - I wanted to make sure we did our research and picked the best one. We finally decided on the one my mom thought we should go to all along (moms know best so much of the time, don't they?).

It has good security and a level 3B NICU, which I learned is better than a 3A NICU, because it means that they can handle babies as early as 24 weeks, and they can have babies who've been through most types of surgery. Lord willing we'll never need the NICU, but it gives me peace of mind to know we're going to a hospital with such a good one.

5. We moved our furniture into the basement! This was a big one to me, because I really couldn't start on half the things on my list until we had moved down there. We are now sleeping in our new master bedroom, and it's lovely! I won't post pictures yet, because I want to get curtains and a few decorative items before I reveal it to you, but I did decide the new green was absolutely the right color. I'll try not to keep you in suspense for too terribly long . . .

I can show you what our old bedroom looks like now. It's pretty sad really. We went from this:

To this:

Yep. It's a mess. I have alot of work to do.

Today I'm going to work on these items:

1. Wrap all Christmas gifts.
2. Make Christmas card and Baby Shower invite lists.
3. Start writing labels for Christmas cards (still waiting for them to come in the mail).
4. Organizing that mess of a bedroom.
5. Work on sanding down the baby's dresser (we're refinishing it - more to come).
6. Try to organize the baby registry (I'm having issues with registry stuff and I'm going to try to straighten it out online).

I think that's enough for today - I better get started! Signing out.

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Unknown said...

good job on the washer and dryer! I LOVE Black Friday deals!

~M~ said...

Hope you get everything done today!

Brittney Galloway said...

Wow, that's great progress Callie!! Can't wait to see what the basement looks like once it is all moved in!

Unknown said...

Sounds like you have been very proactive! Good on you guys :)

Anonymous said...

Yay for the washer and dryer! I love lists! :)

Jessica said...

You guys have been busy! I bet it feels great being able to check those things off of your list

Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

I LOVE being able to cross stuff on my lists! :)
Way to go on the Black Friday sales! Great job!

Ashley said...

Wow - that's great about the Black Friday deals! Better than my shopping day, I must say, but I got some good ones too. Sales are great! You guys got lots of work done on the house too, nice work! You're making strides!

Melanie said...

You definately have alot to cross off your list! Its always good to make one though..just in case something slips your mind (as I have that problem alot)! I went black friday shopping too and had a really good time out w/my mom! Got several nice items..and my mom got me a bunch of maternity clothes for Christmas and my upcoming bday! So glad you snagged a good deal on your washer/dryer combo!!

Melanie said...

PS ~ Don't feel bad..I'm still debating on a hospital too! I have 2 to chose dr leans towards one while I'm now leaning towards the other! Decisions!!

Unknown said...

I love crossing things off lists! You are brave going out on black friday and good job and scoring that great deal! I hope you are able to get the rest of the stuff done without stressing yourself out!

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