Go Vote!

Today is election day. And unfortunately, only about half of Americans will actually end up voting, if previous voting statistics are any indication.

I think that's incredibly sad. I don't think voting is something Americans should skip or take for granted.

A major reason we became a country in the first place is because our Founding Fathers were unhappy that they were being taxed without representation. They fought and died to give future generations freedom, and to give them the opportunity to have that representation through voting. Voting is why we are a government "By the People, For the People."

Many people have died to protect our rights and our freedoms, including our right to vote. I think it is disrespectful of their memory to take that for granted and stay home on Election Day.

Voting is a privilege that many people across the world wish they had. Why don't we treat it as such?

Voting is our duty as Americans. America didn't get to be the great country that we are today by having our citizens sit out of our elections. We got to be the great country we are today because of the Christian principles our country was founded on, and because of the fact that we are able to vote.

The Lord has blessed us here by allowing us to live in a country where we have such a voice. Let's not take it for granted. Get out there and vote today! And say a little prayer thanking God for that blessing as you leave the polls.

Image from ElectionStickers.com.
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Amber said...

I voted! :) And I wholeheartedly agree with you.

Unknown said...

I totally agree with you. It is the same over here in the UK.

Particularly female voters here don't vote. Yet 80 years ago we had women voting and putting their lives on the lines for us British to vote.

I always say even if you do not like politics at least vote for your right to moan about government. To exercise the right to vote is so instrumental.

Ashley said...

I agree!! I'm learning all the more how important it is to vote. I got to vote this time since I got my registering stuff figured out. I think it's so important as Christians to use this opportunity to shape America into the God-centered country that it should be.

Melanie said...

I voted today! So true..we shouldn't take our voting priviledges for granted. Just look at other countries that the citizens have NO rights at all..we are a blessed nation!

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