Ring Cleanings, Loose Diamonds, And Fakes

My wedding ring gets just filthy sometimes.

I suppose when you never take a ring off, that's what happens. But it's always shocking the amount of gunk that gets caught in all the little nooks and crannies.

My normal cleaning method is to take an old toothbrush and toothpaste and just spiff it up a bit. It's amazing how well it works. The bristles of the toothbrush can get into the smallest spaces, and the slight abrasiveness of the toothpaste just polishes it right up.

But then there comes a point when the grime gets tougher, and the normal toothbrush cleaning just doesn't do it.

Thankfully, my hubby got the lifetime garauntee for my ring when he bought it, so I can take it in to get it cleaned professionally at any time! It seems like sometimes they do a good job, and sometimes they don't so most of the time I just stick with the toothbrush method.

However, it was getting so grimy a couple weeks ago, that I decided to take it in and hope they could get it all the way clean this time. Once I got there they asked me if I was there for my six month check-up. I was thinking, "What is this, a dental office?", but I said I guess so, and they looked me up in their system.

I was wondering if the six month check-up thing meant I could only come in every six months to get it cleaned - but then I figured out what they meant. The six month checkup refers to when they check your ring to see how secure the diamonds are, and they give it a nice cleaning at the same time.

How lovely - I didn't even know they did that! And apparently I was about a year and half behind on my six month check-ups, so I handed over the ring, and the lady held it up underneath a microscope to take a closer look.

She started poking at the diamonds, and before long she announced that one of the diamonds was loose.

Oh no! Boy, was I glad I came in for my six month check-up when I did so I didn't lose a diamond. She handed me some paperwork to fill out while she entered some information in the computer, and I set to work on it, thinking they'd get it fixed in no time and I'd be on my way with my sparkling ring.

Only when she sat back down and wrote a date on the paperwork did I realize that I would not be walking out of there with my ring. They had to send it off to the repair people to fix it, and I was going to have to wait two weeks to get it back.

Two weeks! I'm sorry, but I don't like walking across a parking lot without wearing my wedding ring. I want people to know that I'm married.

Unfortunately, there was nothing to be done about it, and I walked out of the mall with my bare finger glaring at me, feeling very out-of-sorts.

There was just no way that I was going two weeks without wearing some kind of ring. Especially with this big ole pregnant belly leading me everywhere I go. I want people to know that I'm married now more than ever!

So, I went and bought a fake ring at Walmart for eight dollars. I felt very awkward going through the checkout, and I'm sure I know what the clerk was thinking having a clearly pregnant lady with a naked ring finger buying a fake wedding ring. How embarrassing.

Fake wedding rings stink. The paint starts to wear off within a few days, and if you look closely you can clearly tell it's not real. Then there's always the added problem of my very small fingers - they never have fake wedding rings in my size. I did have a rubber ring adjuster for a while, but I lost it, and now the ring just dangles upside-down on my finger half the time.

But we're in the home stretch now! My ring is supposed to be back on November 11th, and I intend to go to that store the first chance I can get and retrieve it.

Only one day left. I suppose I can handle that.

And I sigh as I type . . .

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Heather @ Simple Wives said...

You know, I've never thought about getting my diamonds checked to see if they are loose. I should probably do that. I like to take mine in to get in cleaned. If I don't have time, I let my soak in windex for a few minutes, and it usually does a good job.

chloƫ. said...

Wow I've been married a year and a half and I still haven't gotten my ring checked up! Thanks for the reminder!

And I can imagine how awkward going into walmart to buy a fake wedding ring must have been! But I'm the same way, I never do ANYTHING without my rings. At least you get it back soon! :)

Kristin said...

How funny! I know what you mean...it's just TERRIBLE when I forget my rings at home (if I'd been kneading bread or something). What a good thing that you had them check out though, huh? For future ring-free reference, check out AVON's sterling silver wedding sets. They're gorgeous! Less than $50 on sale for both, and don't tarnish or anything. I have several sets :-)

Unknown said...

You crack me up, and I so know how this feels, right before Justin and I got married I had to give my ring up to get sautered. I did the same thing, off to kohls to buy a BIG FAT FAKE! lol, can't wait for you to get the ring back!

Amber said...

Oh gosh. I hate that! I have the lifetime warranty with mine as well. Luckily, Corey got it at Jared and they do all repairs in the store, so I usually just have to come back in a couple HOURS (rather than weeks when they have to send it out) to have it fixed. But on my last checkup, I also had a loose diamond. They were a little backed up on repairs and asked if they could keep it overnight...the problem is that I was leaving to go to California the next morning! They wanted me to spend an entire week in another state with my family WITHOUT my wedding ring?! I told them I couldn't go on vacation without it so I'd have to bring it back afterward. They were concerned enough about losing the diamond that they bumped someone elses repair and did mine right on the spot. I walked out 10 minutes later with a sparkly ring :)

The Johnsons said...

The same thing happened to me! A diamond on my engagement ring was loose. It made me so nervous! My wedding band is actually separate from my engagement ring, so I was able to keep wearing my wedding band while the engagement ring was being fixed. I was sure glad to get it back though :)
I am your newest follower! I am so glad we were able to meet up in the blog world!

Melanie said...

You crack me up Callie!! I would have never thought to buy a fake wedding ring in Walmart until the real one was fixed..very clever!! Thank goodness you'll be getting it back very soon..and now you'll know you wont be about to loose any of those REAL precious diamonds!! I dont blame you though..I never want to be without my ring on either!!

Anonymous said...

Mine gets so nasty too. I need to have it cleaned, and I've never had mine checked. We've been married 4 years! Maybe I better do that someday!

Rachel and John said...

I had to be without my engagement ring when I had my wedding band made (they click together). And I hated it! And again my diamond came loose once and I had to be wihtout it AGAIN. but it was only for a day because I chose to go to a goldsmith and not the store John bought the ring at. But I know how you feel!

Momma Megan said...

This post made me smile! I too have a fake wedding ring from when my white gold ring was getting recoated. I wore my wedding ring all day every day the first several years we were married but the white gold started turning less white and the jeweler told me it would need to be recoated (with rhodium to preserve their white luster I think).
Sure wish they could figure out how to get our rings repaired more quickly!

Amanda said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. :) And congrats on the little one on the way! I'm glad your ring is getting taken care of! I clean mine every so often, but I haven't gotten it checked out... that may be a good thing to do!!! :) New follower!

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