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Thank you, ladies, for all your prayers for that girl who is pregnant with twins and was scheduled to have an abortion yesterday morning - she didn't end up showing up to the clinic at all, so she did not have the abortion yesterday, thank the Lord!

I don't know anything else about her mind processes or decisions, so keep praying that she would continue to choose to keep these babies, and that she'll find Jesus. Thanks to everyone who offered a prayer on her behalf, I know it made a difference, wherever she is!

I'm looking forward to reading more from 110% Surrendered Blog on her experiences outside the clinic . . . check out her blog if you're interested.

I'm afraid I don't have a post prepared for today, yet again. I had a really rough day at work yesterday - and not because the patients were terribly difficult. It was just me. It wasn't anyone's fault, except maybe mine, and I don't even know what I did to make the day difficult. Maybe it's just an attitude problem. I'm not looking forward to today - I just feel drained.

Enter the food items that make me happy, which right now is fruit. Especially citrus fruit. Mmmm.

Tomorrow we are officially setting up our Christmas decorations! Yes, before Thanksgiving. And I have no problem with that - it's our tradition to set them up the weekend before Thanksgiving. As my dear friend Chloe pointed out to me recently, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, so why not stretch it out as long as possible?

Enter the Christmas posts, probably starting next week! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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Unknown said...

Soooo glad to hear! Thank God!

Amber said...

Glad to hear that girl didn't show up. Will keep praying!

Yay! Can't wait to get decorated for Christmas. I'm all for stretching this season as far as possible!

Natalie said...

i wish my husband would let me stretch christmas out longer : ( I can't wait to get my stuff set up. Oh well--only another week.
PRAISE THE LORD that girl did not go through with the abortion. I was praying for that the night before.I will pray she will continue to have peace and not go through with it and develop a relationship with our Holy God. Thanks for the update!

Melanie said...

Oh I love Christmas! I know what you mean..if you think about it..the Christmas decorations arent up all that long..so why not stretch it out! Cant wait to have my house decorated..hopefully I'll have some help!
PS ~ what is it w/pregnant women and fruit? I've been the SAME way..only with grapes (and yogurt even though thats technically not fruit..but fruit FLAVORED!)!!

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