First Half of 2010

The year of 2010 has been a big year for us - so much has happened! Unlike last year's recap post, in which it was an exciting-but-not-too-stressful-year, this year has had it's fair share of excitement and stress.

Because so much has happened this year, I'll have to split up the year into two posts. Here are the highlights of January-June 2010.


1. I had a visit with a fertility doctor to figure out what was wrong with me. He told me my BMI was rather low, and I should try to gain some weight. Begin Operation Weight Gain.

2. The visit with the fertility doctor kind of freaked me out, and Derek and I decided to start trying for a baby.

3. I found my first gray hair.

4. We started meeting with our newly created young married group. This is a picture of me and the other girls in our group:


1. We went on our annual Valentine's Day getaway trip, and we stayed at the Westin! It was a lovely time.

2. Harvey chewed up my earbuds, my good black boots, and many other things.

3. My sister and I started a bowling day on Wednesdays. We had so much fun while it lasted, but alas, the place was sold and the new owner didn't do Free Bowling Wednesdays.

4. I applied for my passport.


1. Derek and I started really working on finishing our basement! Or rather Derek did. I didn't do a whole lot of the work myself, because I don't know how to do that stuff. But I did film the process.

2. We attended our Republican Caucus and were "elected" as delegates to our county assembly.

3. That healthcare bill passed, and I was quite upset about it.

4. We booked our cruise vacation!

5. I was going through alot of mental struggles with not being able to get pregnant. They were mostly kept hidden on the blog at this point, but it did sneak through every now and then. Like it did with that Baby Fever post (even though it was rather light-hearted and funny at that point).


1. We celebrated our Lord's resurrection! He suffered the most horrible death and isolation, but He conquered death and brought us life. The most beautiful day of the year for the Christian.

2. We bought a new car, which we would then sell again a few months later.

3. I tried to grow some plants.

4. One day during a good heart-to-heart with the Lord about my desire for a baby, I felt an assurance from Him that someday I would have one. I was finally able to cast my care upon him (1 Peter 5:7), and I felt much more peaceful about the whole thing after that. The baby struggle finally made the blog, and I'm glad I blogged about it, because I think sharing your struggles with others is one of the purposes of going through struggles in the first place.

5. Derek and I were delegates at our county's Republican assembly. Basically we got to help decide who would be the Republican candidates on the primary ballot in our county. We wanted to try to get elected to the state assembly, but it coincided with our upcoming vacation, so we didn't. Maybe next time!


1. More fertility struggles started making the blog. End of April/Early May I went back to the fertility doctor.

2. We went on a Caribbean cruise! I did a bunch of recap posts which mentioned pina colada popcorn, pirate tattoos, rainforest excursions, hammocks, and free cruise activities.

3. I met Chloe from Tryin' To Throw My Arms Around The World.


1. Derek and I went sky-diving on a whim. Keep in mind that I had opposed anything and everything to do with sky-diving for years. I don't know what happened.

2. My birthday.

3. I dropped the ".blogspot.", and the new blog address was

4. June 26th was a very special day, because I saw this:

We went on a hike, and then we went out for a movie and shopping to celebrate.

July-December Recap coming soon!

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Lauren said...

What a fabulous year! And think of all the excitement in 2011 with your new little bundle of joy!

Unknown said...

Callie what an amazing year! It made me giggle, and tear up reading this. Can't wait to read the other half. So heart filling to see your strength in your faith!

chloƫ. said...

what a great first half of the year! i'm so flattered that I made the list! :]

Anne said...

Wow! What a crazy year! So many fun things just in the first half! When I have more time I will have to go back and click on all the posts from before I started following you!

Amber said...

Good recap. Some good times and some hard times. It's good to reflect on everything we've been through!

Unknown said...

I love the recap and I think it is so neat to look back and see all that has gone on and how God has worked. I am looking forward to hearing the second half!

Melanie said...

Love your recap! Happy New Year to you and your growing family!

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