Lonely Fur-Babies

This morning I woke up to the sound of poor Harvey outside, crying. You know, that low mournful sound that dogs make when they're sad?

Derek had to leave for work a little before me this morning, so he got the dogs all ready to go so I wouldn't have to (he's so thoughtful). However, this meant leaving Harvey outside in the dark for a while.

He gets lonely.

Then there are the little dogs, Ralphie and Quincy, who get put in the laundry room during the winter days. They have a little dog bed in there, and they curl up on it together. Whenever I pass by they both look out at me with these sad, hopeful eyes.

Boy, I hate leaving my dogs home alone on the days I work! They look so pathetic and depressed.

Thankfully I have five whole days in a row with them during the week, so that helps - but I think they're feeling neglected this week, because I've been so busy I haven't had much time to cuddle. Ralphie and Quincy follow me around the house all day. Harvey hasn't been nearly as annoyingly cheerful as he normally is - a sure sign he's feeling sad.

My poor fur-babies.

Don't worry, guys. The next couple of weeks will be better. (You know the dogs read my blog when I'm gone during the day, so I'm sure they understand . . .)

P.S. Thank you all for the sweet advice on "The List" yesterday! I know we'll get it done eventually. Hopefully, anyway!

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Amanda said...

oh girl i understand! those poor fur babies! what a cute picture of them too. :)

Amber said...

Such cute faces! I hated leaving Huck when we had to go to work! The wonderful thing about dogs is that they are so forgiving! :)

Natalie said...

aw poor pups! i didn't know you had 3 fur babies but they are all so cute! i feel bad when i have to leave mine too : (

Unknown said...

ohhh my goodness look at your doggies! I didn't know you had dogs! They are adorable!!

cait said...

how precious is this post? Your furbabies are adorable. Your middle pup (the biggest one)...his ears are to die for! haha..Love them! I feel bad about leaving our pup when we're at work too. He loves going into his crate though...when we are getting ready he goes in and waits for us to close the door. haha. So I try to keep that in mind. Happy Weekend!

Melanie said...

That picture of your doggies is precious!! Would make a good Christmas card!!

Jessica said...

I'm pretty sure I run late almost every day for work because I always have to give my furbabies one more snuggle before I leave!

Holly said...

What cute dogs, especially the little two! :D

katie said...

Gosh they are cute! But how sad that they are sad!! Hope you all enjoy some quality time together soon.

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