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Remember when I talked about that insane "To-Do" list I have?

Well, I'm afraid it's taking up alot of my time lately, and I'm having trouble coming up with blogging inspiration. My life is consumed with "The List".

Which is a pity, because I hate having to sit here and stare at a blank box when trying to blog, and I'd really rather be enjoying the Christmas season with Derek than working on this stuff every weekend.

But hey, it's got to get done somehow.

So, since it's all I can think about right now anyway, here is my list. Any advice and/or encouragement would be appreciated (but please don't tell me something on the list doesn't really have to be done, because I really feel like it does - I've already eliminated the things that aren't strictly necessary, or I mention it in the list if it's not necessary).

Before Christmas:

1. Buy gifts for my dad and brother.

2. Wrap all gifts. Working on it.

3. Buy presents for Derek. Working on it.

4. Send out Christmas cards.

5. Make Christmas goodies (six or seven items fall under this).

6. Figure out plans for Derek's birthday, which falls right after Christmas.

7. Get new washer and dryer.

8. Clean out dresser drawers.

9. Move bedroom furniture into basement.

10. Do something with old couch.

11. Move desk into basement.

12. Clean up all the junk in our spare bedroom and office (which used to be our bedroom. This is what's taking up all my time right now.
A. Get Storage boxes.
B. Sort through crazy amounts of clutter.
C. Get rid of the junk.
D. Find places for the things we're keeping.
E. Clean bedrooms (vacuum, dust, etc.)
F. Move furniture/start setting up the rooms.

Before January 8th (Baby shower is that weekend):

13. Refinish and stain baby dresser.

14. Clean remnants of construction stuff out of baby's room.

15. Paint the baby's room. Still trying to decide on this one - we'll see if I have time.

16. Fill out hospital paperwork and send it in.

17. Schedule "Birthday Wishes" consult with hospital.

Before February 10th (I'll officially be full-term then, and the baby could theoretically come at any time):

18. Clean out spare room closet.

19. Move storage/organization boxes into closet.

20. Tear down old shelves in new bedroom closet. Admittedly, this is not totally necessary to accomplish, but I'd just like to get it done.

21. Finish the baby's quilt. Working on it.

22. Make curtains for the nursery.

23. Set up the crib.

24. Take inventory and buy the rest of the stuff we need for the baby.

25. Take maternity pictures.

26. Organize and set up the nursery.

27. Finish knitting the baby blanket I started for the little man. Working on it. If this one doesn't get done before he gets here, I'll just do it after he's born.

I actually feel alot better having it all typed out, and seeing the progress I've made so far. Still a long way to go, but as my mom pointed out, alot of these things will happen naturally, just because they need to be done.

However, there are enough items that require planning and organizing and work to keep me pretty busy. Hence another lame blog post.

Anyway, any advice or encouragement? I could use it.

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Brittney Galloway said...

You're right! That is a big list! Luckily Derek will help you with alot of that so you won't have the full weight of it on your shoulders. Maybe while he's painting/tearing down shelves/refinishing the dresser you can be working on the other things!

Anne said...

I'm not sure I have any great advice - seeing as I have been meaning to clean/organize various parts of my house for YEARS now and still have trouble finding motivation. Maybe if you have a friend who loves to do that kind of stuff invite them over for a day and see how much you can tackle. Having someone there to keep you on track might help you get lots done in a shorter amount of time :)

Anna said...

All I would say is make sure to take time to rest.... but good for you, Callie!

You will be SO glad you have these major projects out of the way before having your little one. To be honest, the projects I didn't finish before Christian was born still aren't done.

That's partly my own fault, but it's helpful to just be in maintenance mode for awhile and focus on keeping things clean and organized rather than making them that way for the first time.

Having orderly surroundings can help bring visual peace during the unpredictability of the newborn days too, and that's a big plus. Keep us updated on your progress!

And for what it's worth, I like reading about your lists. You make it interesting. :)

Rachel said...

I would just focus on one thing at a time, cross it off, then move to the next. Try not to worry about them all together, and soon enough they'll all be done! My birthday is February 13, so maybe that'll be the day!

Kristin said...

Ugh! I'm a slave to lists too Callie! To such an extent that the last few weeks I've REFUSED to make them (just to try and wean myself off the ultra dependence!). It's been tough. - So here's my advice from one list-maker to another: HIDE the other lists that don't have to be done before Christmas, and don't take them out until AFTER Christmas. If you are just dealing with a shorter list, you might not feel so overwhelmed.- For gifts for your hubby, what about giving him an experience instead of a wrapped gift? For two years now, Jesse and I have been filling stockings for each other, but then planning a fun getaway weekend as our gifts to each other. The memories last so much longer (you could combo this w/ his birthday plans too)! As for your guest room mess, have you heard of Flylady? If not, how she works is to set a timer for 15 minutes, and run around like a madwoman for those 15 minutes accomplishing everything you can. Let me tell you, the timer keeps you on task like nothing else does! Then set the time for 5 minutes of rest (get a cup of tea, or a snack, read a few blogs, lay down and close your eyes, whatever sounds good!) Sometimes I'll go for 30 minute spurts and then rest for 10.- Good luck girl! You can do it! And make sure you tell yourself that the sun WILL go on rising and setting if everything on your list isn't crossed off at the end of the day.- Making sure you take care of yourself and your hubby, get good rest, have clean clothes and good food are your top priorities! - Lastly, since you're looking for blog post ideas, I'm having a Holly Jolly Blog Hop tomorrow where all you do is link up pictures of your house decorated for the holidays! There's an idea for you! AND there's prizes :-) Have a great day Callie!

Unknown said...

holy WOW! You are one busy lady! Good luck with your lists!

Ginger said...

your to do list looks like mine :) Hang in there momma we'll make it through we'll be each other's support system.

Amber said...

Get some other people involved in the list! I'm sure your family and friends would love to help you get things accomplished, so don't try to take it all one yourself. Don't be afraid to ask for help!!

Unknown said...

In the words of Dory from Finding Nemo - "Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming" x

Lauren said...

Oh it looks like you've already made a ton of progress! Good luck girl, I know that everything will get done in its time but also make sure you try and take some time for yourself!

Jessica said...

Praying for you and your stress level as you tackle this list! It looks like you already have a good start on things, though :-)

SB said...

I totally agree with the gal that said get extra helpers! i bet someone could help refinish the dresser. and Invite some friends over one day and ask them to help you paint and vacuum and stuff to get baby's room ready! Grab a pizza for your helpers to munch on and you will get tons done in a few hours.

cait said...

Oh can do it!! I think the first time is exactly what you've done...make a list! That always makes me feel better! Nothing like a baby to add motivation! :) You will get it accomplished!

Ashley said...

Well, that's a very overwhelming list! Just remember not to get stressed out about those things - even if they are necessary to you to get done, they're not worth getting overwhelmed by. And if they are important they'll end up getting done - God will take care of the necessities. Be diligent to work on them as you have time - But, try not to worry about them and take time to enjoy your time being pregnant! :)

Lori said...

Not a lame post at all, it actually helped me!! I have a list similar to yours except its all in my head! LOL! I really want to type it all out so I can start crossing off too!! I agree with your mom, I think a lot of the things will just get done with time (after showers, etc).

Amanda said...

Wow! You're like Superwoman! I agree with the idea to work for a set amount of time (15 or 30 minutes) and then rest. We have quick clean-ups like that periodically and they really work! Tackling a little bit of clutter every day will go a long way in cleaning up. Praise God that you have a baby on the way to prepare for and take time to enjoy the preparations, even when they seem overwhelming. And don't forget to pamper yourself so that you don't wear yourself out. You deserve it! :)

Jenene said...

Like a couple of other girls said, enlist some help! The cleaning, tearing down shelves, crib set-up, baking, and staining can be done by/with other people. You can make a couple of fun days out of it!

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