Second Half of 2010

The first half of 2010 was spent praying and hoping for a baby, which came with one kind of stress, the heart-breaking, waiting kind. The second half of 2010 our prayers were answered and we found out we were expecting our first baby! That came with another kind of stress of preparing for the baby, but it's a much nicer kind of stress. These are some of the highlights of July-December 2010.


1. I made a valiant attempt (if I do say so myself) to blog about interesting things, even though all I really wanted to blog about was the baby - but we wanted to wait to announce until after our first appointment.

2. I cut my hair.

3. We celebrated our two year wedding anniversary, and we went out for mini-golfing and pizza and a movie.

4. My most severe morning sickness was this month, but it wasn't unbearable.

5. I did a couple guest posts on Anna's blog, Hope Road. I was really honored that she asked me to guest post on her blog! I wrote about Working Outside the Home, and my desire to be like June Cleaver.

6. Derek got a new job as a treasurer for a town near here! I am so proud of him.


1. We had our first doctor's appointment on August 3rd and got our first glimpse of Babykins! I declared him the cutest baby ever, right there on the spot.

2. We told the rest of our family, and I announced the good news on the blog.

3. I started having a really weird pregnancy symptom in which everything smelled like pickles and Febreeze was my best friend. I also experienced some really bad sciatic nerve pain, and entered the second trimester.

4. We took a trip to the zoo.

5. My sister and I took a trip to visit our friend, Hazel.

6. I got my first speeding ticket.


1. We made more progress on finishing the basement, and I was in the middle of trying to decide on a paint color for our bedroom.

2. I had another ultrasound because of a fluid leakage scare. Everything looked fine though, and Babykins was still measuring big!

3. I thought I made a decision on the paint color.

4. Autumn was seriously slacking in getting here on time.

5. I felt the baby move on September 29th!


1. I felt the baby form the outside on October 7th, Derek felt the baby move a little bit on the 7th and for sure on the 14th, and I saw the baby move from the outside on October 16th! He's been making my belly visibly move ever since then.

2. I changed my mind on the paint color, and I stuck with this one.

3. I went hunting at 21 weeks pregnant. I seriously waddled up the hill - I'm sure it looked very amusing.

4. The washing machine died.

5. We found out our baby is a BOY on October 26th! He was a little difficult at first, but the ultrasound tech was able to see at the very end of the appointment.

6. We had our gender reveal party on October 30th.


1. Announced the gender on the blog.

2. Election day! Republicans took back the House.

3. We got carpet in the basement.

4. We celebrated Thanksgiving and decorated for Christmas.

5. We got a great deal on a new washer and dryer on Black Friday!

6. We started thinking about what to name our boy - and what not to name our boy.


1. I realized just how much we have to get done before baby and started going to-do-list crazy. I also registered for the baby.

2. I finally caught all that crazy baby movement on video!

3. I recorded our birth plan.

4. We went to a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert.

5. I felt the little man have hiccups for the first time on December 22nd.

6. We celebrated Christmas!

7. Derek's birthday. Happy Birthday to the perfect man for me!

8. Derek named a star after me.

9. New Year's celebration coming up!

And that, my Friends, is the complete 2010 recap! The Lord has brought us through so much this year, and I couldn't be more thankful. I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store!

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Unknown said...

You have had such a fantastic 2010. I can only hope that 2011 brings you even more joy Callie! :)

Amanda said...

so excited for you guys in 2011 with your sweet babykins! hope you guys have a very blessed year. :)

Melanie said...

Definately alot of good moments in 2010..with 2011 filled with even more when the baby comes!!!! Its going to be a baby year in blogland!

Kristin said...

A good year indeed Callie! Happy New Year to you!

Jessica said...

I'm so excited for your upcoming year! I know it will be so blessed!

Truly His said...

What a cool thing for your husband to name a star after you!!

Christi said...

I LOVE how you did this recap -- I might have to copy it. LOVE LOVE LOVE! And I cannot believe you went hunting pregnant -- brave, but you sure looked cute! Does that count for anything in hunting? I'll get caught up this week but I just wanted to stop by and say hello and happy New Year!

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