Award Recipients

Alright, time to pass out some awards! I've been a major slacker for the past several months on accepting and passing these awards on, so I'm finally getting caught up.

These awards basically require you to share 7-10 random facts about yourself and thank the person who gave you the award - which I did in Monday's random post. Then you can pass them on to 5-7 other bloggers!

I always have a terrible time picking winners for these awards - because I really do love all the blogs I read. But I don't think I've given some of these ladies awards before, and it's been a while since I passed awards on to some of them. So, without further ado, here are the recipients!

Stylish Blogger Award

Goes to . . .

Claire at Fast Forward Girl
Felicia at Open Up The Sky
Jen at The Life Accounts
Cait at The Blessed Life
Vicki at The Johnsons

The Versatile Blogger Award

Goes to . . .

Kristin at Deeply In Love
Ashley at Joshley And The Charles
Mrs. A at Adventures In The Life Of Mr. and Mrs. A
Elizabeth at Hope Scribbles
April at Learning

The Sugar Doll Blog Award

Goes to . . .

Amanda at A Sweet Serenity
Ashley at Crosseyed
Anne at Where Your Treasure Is
Melanie at Country Roads
Rachel at Rachel and John

I appreciate all you ladies, and I love reading your blogs! Enjoy the awards!

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Rachel and John said...

Aw thank you Callie!!

Amanda said...

Thank you, Callie! I'm honored! :)

Melanie said...

Thanks Callie!! Will be sure to do my post very soon!! :-)

cait said...

Thanks so much!! :) Love reading yours as well, of course!

Anne said...

Thanks so much for the award!!!

The Johnsons said...

Callie, you are too sweet! Thank you for the award.

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