Birthday Shoes

I'm a clearance section shopper.

The clearance section is the first place I check when I go shopping for something. Sure, sometimes you have to pay full-price to get an item that you're looking for, but if I can get something that will work for 50% off (or more)? Yes, please.

I was at Target this week and realized I needed to find a birthday present for someone. So I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone and buy a birthday present for someone else at the same time, so I don't have to try to find a gift again in a few months.

I don't think either of these lovely ladies read my blog regularly, so I'm going to take the chance and assume they aren't reading right now. Here are my finds. I decided to check out the shoe section, because I got both their shoe sizes and they had some really cute ones on sale - and what girl doesn't like shoes, I ask you? I'm hoping they fit, but I think they will.

These grey ankle boots. And that ruffle - fabulous, no?

Rosette ballet flats. I tried these one to test for cuteness and comfort, and they passed both tests - the elastic sides weren't uncomfortable at all, which is what I was mainly concerned about. And they look adorable on too!

This bronze metallic wedge. It also has a slight pointed toe, so if you're not a full-fledged pointy-shoe-wearer, this is a great starting point. I actually got a pair of these for myself too . . .

The great thing about birthday shopping from the clearance rack (especially if you're shopping for someone who you are close to, who won't mind getting a clearance item), is that you can get better gifts that you normally wouldn't buy for budget reasons.

Now I have to hurry and post something else, so in the off-chance the birthday girls are reading this week they won't see their birthday presents . . .

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Kara @ Just1Step said...

Haha you're so funny...such a risk-taker! I really like the flats and wedges.

Melanie said...

Love those shoes!! I'm the same way..I always go to the clearance section first too!

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