Death Of An iPod

My iPod is dead.

Dead as a doornail.

Okay, well, actually not quite that dead. But it's pretty useless.

Apparently iPods will not keep working if you close them in a car door.

I usually listen to my iPod on the way to work, so one day recently when I arrived at work for the day I turned my iPod off, wrapped the cord around it, and I thought I put it in the center console of my car.

However, when I came out for lunch, my iPod was lying in the space between my seat and the door. I figured it just fell off my lap or something, so I grabbed it, put it in my purse, and didn't think anything more about it.

That is, until I pulled it out later for the drive home and saw this:

Yes, my iPod is actually bent in the middle.

And the screen is just white.

The ironic thing is that the controls still work, and I can still get it to play music. But I can't always get the buttons to work, and when I can, I can't see what I'm doing anyway.

This is precisely the wrong time for this to happen. Why? Because listening to music on the iPod was a major part of my pain management plan for labor.

Now I'm scheming about ways to scrape up enough money for a new one before Babykins decides to make his appearance.

I'm just not sure it's going to happen.

I also might be able to borrow one from someone.

I just have to figure out who.


And if that wasn't bad enough, I was reading in my pregnancy book this past week, and they even suggested taking an iPod with a variety of music to help with labor.

Double rats.


On a more cheerful note, I'll be passing out awards tomorrow - so stay tuned!

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Rachel and John said...

My ipod recently died too. It was working fine, the battery died, so I plugged it in to charge. When Charged fully, I un plugged it and it wouldn't turn on at all. So sad. I also planned to use it during labor.

Anne said...

My ipod is on the fritz too! It still works - like you can see the screen and see that there is music playing, but when you stick headphones in no music comes out :( Or when you try to plug it in to your car - no music comes out :( At least I don't need it for anything important, say like birthing a baby! Sorry for your loss!

Brittney Galloway said...

Oh no! I'm sorry! I hope you are able to figure out an alternative!

Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

Ohh you poor dear! How disappointing! Hopefully you'll be able to come up with another one before labor!

My frustration with iPods is the battery life...and you can't replace the battery! It's like Apple builds them to be disposable! Right now I can only make it through about two 45 minute workouts at the gym before mine dies. /sigh

Ash said...

I had my iPod playlist all ready for labor, but it honestly never occurred to me to take it out of my bag! I think if you have a long labor it would be great or if you have an epidural, but music was the last thing on my mind with how quickly my labor progressed.

I hope you can get a new one!

Unknown said...

That's a shame! is it not under warranty to get another one?

chloƫ. said...

have you looked into an iPod shuffle? You won't be able to choose the music you play exactly, but they're cheaper for sure. I kind of want one for running, since they're so small and lightweight.

RIP Callie's old iPod though! Sad day.

Annie said...

oh bummer!! :(
i have an itouch and i love it, i think i'd be lost without it.

Melanie said...

Oh my goodness..your poor Ipod! And poor you!! Hopefully you can find a way to get yourself a new one before your baby comes!

Amber said...

Oh no!! Try checking out the refurbished ones on Apple's would save you a little money at least. Lame :( Bye bye, iPod!

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