I've Got Nothin'

I feel like such a bad blogger lately. My normal goal is to think of a good, thoughtful post for Mondays to get the blogging week off to a good start. Yep. That hasn't happened in quite a while. Everything is just too busy around here - I hardly have time to breath on the weekends lately, much less write a blog post.

So I'm afraid, my friends, that "this is all I got".

Here are some of the thoughts running through my mind today.

1. I cut my foot twice in the same spot within about a week. No sooner had the first cut healed than I went and cut it again! And I don't even know how I did it - I just looked down, and my foot was bleeding. Isn't it supposed to be a bad thing when you can't feel when you've injured yourself? Maybe I need to start doing nightly inspections of high-risk body parts.

2. I think I love Dreft laundry detergent. My project over the weekend was to try to get all of our little guy's clothes washed in a baby-friendly detergent - I got about 2/3 of the way through. But my entire house smelled so fresh and clean while I was doing laundry with Dreft - a "new baby" fresh smell. I've been snuggling the clothes that I've already washed up to my face (so soft!), and just breathing in that wonderful new baby scent - because it's the same fragrance I'll be inhaling when I'm snuggling my little man after he's born. I love it!

3. I have a full day of shopping ahead of me today. I have to buy some items that we still need for the nursery, buy a shower gift for my co-worker, and pick up some other random things that we need all of a sudden. Shopping is a great way to get in my daily exercise (all that walking, you know), but I have a hard time with these marathon days lately - if I walk too much I get these sharp pains in my middle. Maybe just ligaments? I don't know, but it can't be a good thing. I think I'm going to have to start breaking up these shopping trips into more manageable chunks.

4. I was thinking about what outfit to dress our baby in for his "going home outfit", and I then started thinking about my "going home outfit" - and I have no idea what to wear home from the hospital. I was advised by our hospital tour guide not to bring pre-pregnancy pants to the hospital, because I'll try to get them on, then they won't fit, then I'll cry. But I'm not sure I really want to go home in maternity clothes - that would just be depressing. Maybe I should just go with a skirt or something. For all you ladies who have had a baby, what did you wear home from the hospital?

5. I have a doctor's appointment today too, and I have some questions for her. I want to know which way the little guy is turned. I'm wondering if they can feel my stomach and guess as to whether he's head down or not? Supposedly he's supposed to be head down by now, but every day he jabs me in my sides quite forcefully - I don't think he can get that much power coming from a head-down position.

6. My co-worker and I are due about a month apart from each other, and we're having a joint shower over lunch break at work this Thursday! I'm excited - it should be fun! I need to find something to give my co-worker though - she's having a little girl in April. So many girls being born this year - does anyone else feel that way, or is it just me?

7. Pride and Prejudice is a great movie. One of my favorites. While I was working on repairing a baby quilt that The Dog (aka: Harvey) chewed a hole through, my wonderful hubby made me dinner and and sneakily put Pride and Prejudice into our DVD player - because he knows I love it, and that I haven't watched it in forever, and he wanted me to have a nice evening. He's the best!

8. I've received three blog awards over the last several months that I've never passed on. I know, it's pitiful. If I keep slacking on accepting awards like this my sweet blog friends are going to stop passing them on to me.

From Ashlyn at Miss Magnolia. This is a pretty new blog to me, but Ashlyn seems like such a fun person!

From Melanie at Country Roads. I've been following Melanie's blog for several months now, and she is so sweet! Her blog is real and fun - I like that.

From Vicky at The Johnson's. Vicky's blog is semi-new to me, but Vicky seems so sweet and smart and I'm really anjoying getting to know her better through her blog!

All of the above awards require sharing 7-10 random things about yourself, and passing them on to other bloggers. The random things I shared in this post aren't necessarily about me, but please accept them as my "randomness" requirement.

I'm running out of time now, so I'll have to announce the next recipients in another post. Thanks for your patience (in advance, you know), and thank you to all of the sweet ladies who passed these awards on to me! Each one cheered up my day when I received it from you, and I'm flattered that you chose to give them to me.

I'll try to get back on the ball this week and get them redistributed.

9. Since posting my complaint about spammers on Friday, I've received 12-14 new "anonymous" comments, with ridiculous compliments and no link, most of them on that Shutterfly Christmas card post. They're just taunting me now. I'm seriously considering turning off anonymous comments for my blog. Those few people who I know in real life that comment through the "anonymous" commenting feature are the only thing stopping me.

That's all for now, Folks . . .

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Kara @ Just1Step said...

For my going home outfit, I'm pretty sure I wore sweatpants, a nursing tank, and a zip-up sweatshirt jacket. The advice you heard is correct...there is no way you will fit in anything pre-pregnancy on your way home from the hospital. You will have this huge empty sack hanging off the front of you, and you will most likely still look about 5 or 6 months pregnant due to all of your insides being loose and flopping everywhere. It's crazy. I remember standing in the hospital bathroom, pulling up on my empty belly and letting it flop down and thinking "Oh my goodness...please please PLEASE Lord tell me this will go away!!" And it did. But it took time. :) (Oh, and I'm assuming you will want to wear something nicer than sweatpants based on our differing opinions on grocery shopping in pj pants, haha, but I would definitely bring something that you could fit in around 5 or 6 months pregnant.)

About the kicking in your sides...Krew kicked me in my sides and all over the place even after he was head-down. I think they're pretty good at maneuvering their little limbs. :)

So excited for you, Callie! :)

Emily Powell said...

Going home outfit: My sister in law always wore flowy skirts, a tank top, and a cardigan. Her babies were born in April and July here in TX so the weather is warm. I'm due in May and plan on doing the same thing. Tongs of pictures WILL be taken and I want to look as cute and as much "myself" as I can.

Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

I often wonder if the spam comments are a way to test the blog and see if someone's actively watching comments. I'll often get one and then if I don't delete it, I'll get bombarded with more, so I've taken to deleting them the second they come in and blocking them in blogger. That seems to help keep the number that I get down, they are super obnoxious though!

Claire said...

I got an adorable velour sweatsuit... the cute kind from Victoria's Secret. I made sure the pants fit me pregnant, so I knew they'd fit me right after... I looked cute, felt cute and didn't have to get depressed at trying to squeeze into my skinnys!

Melanie said...

Its so funny..I felt like everyone was having little boys more than girls!! That shower you have planned for thursday sounds like such a fun idea!! Oh and expect to get a little package in the mail from me this week..I'm sending it your way today! :-)

Brittney Galloway said...

Oh, I wouldn't feel bad about wearing maternity clothes home! They will be the most comfortable and for SURE will fit you, seeing as you'll only lose 10-12 pounds (about,) during birth and still will be up the other 10-20 pounds for awhile! Don't let the stigma keep you from being comfortable! And also, maternity clothes are so cute these days, use them while you can-it's a good return on your investment!

T, C, and E said...

I definitely wore my maternity pants and a non-maternity shirt whenever I left the hospital. I now weigh less than I did before I got pregnant with Ellyana, but my pre-pregnancy jeans do not fit the same way anymore. My body will never be the same! But it is soooo worth it. :)

Anonymous said...

I wore a tshirt and sweat pants home.They were cute V.S sweats at least. I remember looking in the mirror after I had him, and was so horrified that I still looked 6 months pregnant. I looked hideous coming home, I was hurting so bad I didn't really care. I did manage to put on some mascara, but I cried all the way home-we are an hour from town. So not only was I fat, I was in ugly clothes, my hair was a wreck, my face was black from makeup and extremely swollen. ;)

Amber said...

I'm having the same dilemma trying to decide what to wear home...but I'm at a birthing center instead of a hospital, so it's a little different. And I'm not as fashionable as you ;) Haha. I'll probably end up going with yoga pants, cute shirt, and a zip-up hoodie.

Julie S. said...

I wore maternity clothes home from the hospital, and didn't wear pre-pregnancy things for about 2 months afterwards. There is no way you will fit into anything pre-pregnancy. I wore home black yoga pants (they were the most comfortable after my C-section) and a maternity shirt that was easy for nursing. No one took pictures when we went home either, I was still on a lot of drugs and not sleeping so they weren't allowed. :)

cait said...

Well I thought this was a very fun post! :D Enjoy your shower...that's fun to have a combined one...double the celebrating!

Jenene said...

I would say wear sweatpants home from the hospital. I'm thinking of treating myself to a brand new pair just for that occasion (since I only have one pair of sweats).

Whatever you pick, make sure it's comfy. You'll be tired and sore!

On another note, I feel like everyone around me is having boys, not girls.

And about the spam comments, especially on that Shutterfly Post: maybe remove the post altogether? If that's the one that attracts the most, maybe you'll get less if it's gone.

april said...

well, I'm having a girl, but it seems that most people I know are having boys. Maybe it depends on where you're drinking the water. :) I haven't decided what I'll wear home, but it will most likely be yoga pants. :) comfort comfort comfort is all I can think about after having the baby.

Kathy said...

This is my first time commenting on your blog, but I've been reading for a while :) Congrats on the new addition arriving soon! I agree with some of the other comments about wearing sweatpants home. I wore sweatpants, and a t-shirt home. You will be sore, if the hospital doesn't provide mesh panties, get some...regular underwear isn't that comfortable to wear after giving birth. Skirts are good, but remember you'll be bleeding and wearing a pad...so if you don't like wearing skirts during your period then it might not be a good idea post birth. I found even my pregnancy jeans hurt to wear for the first week after giving birth. But everyone is different. You could always take a skirt and comfy pants to the hospital and then decide on the day you come home what you want to wear.

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