The Junk Drawer (Cue Ominous Music . . .)

My husband lost his keys.

I have a sneaky suspicion that I may have had something to do with it - Derek never loses his keys. I'm trying to think of where I might have put them.

I spent the night at my parent's house on Sunday evening (Derek was refinishing our dresser, and I didn't want to be around the fumes), and then I went shopping with my mom. When I got home I saw this on the counter:

Half of the contents of my junk drawer were scattered about. I knew Derek must have been looking through it for his keys this morning.

I'm so proud of myself, because instead of opening the drawer and sweeping all that stuff back in (which I was quite tempted to do), I started sorting through it instead. You know, in an attempt to organize that dumping ground called "Callie's Junk Drawer", the depths of which haven't been plunged in the 2 1/2 years that we've been married.

There's all kinds of good stuff hiding in there that I forgot about. The things I found included:

-two bottles of hand sanitizer
-Several card games
-a lint roller (always handy)
-a bottle of antibiotics that I never used (not sure what to do with that)
-our old camera that broke over a year ago
-a peeler
-two keys (I have no idea what they open)
-various bookmarks
-a spool of white thread
-a small bottle of bubbles

See? Lots of good stuff.

Now I get to check the junk drawer off the areas of the house that need to be organized. The next hidden areas of unexplored junk to be tackled? That would be the laundry room cupboards (it's been over a year since we organized those), the bathroom cabinets (haven't been touched since we got married), and the kitchen cabinets (not junk, but they desperately need to be reorganized).

If I can get those three areas in shape, I'll feel really good about my usually pitiful organizational skills.

I'll keep you posted on the progress. And hopefully I'll find Derek's keys somewhere amid the chaos.

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Kelly said...

I am pretty sure that every home has a junk drawer. I know that mine is horrible. Hubs was looking for something the other day and pulled out several pairs of shoe strings. lol. not really sure why those where in there.

Lauren said...

lol---Love it! I think everyone has a junk drawer & my husband gets motivated every once in awhile to go through it. I wish he'd do the same with my bathroom cabinets---they are in dire need of a makeover!

Rachel and John said...

We have 2 junk drawers. One has tools and manuals in it. The other has receipts, pens, pencils, stamps ect. ect. ect. in it. I'm scared to organize them!! Good job Callie!
Also Have no fear about the linea nigra. I think they are kinda cool and they go away!

Anne said...

I love getting drawers. closets, cabinets, etc. organized. And it usually doesn't take nearly as long as I think it will. I don't know why I don't know why I always put it off.

Unknown said...

I love that you had a peeler amongst your junk drawer. With the antibiotics just take them to your local phramacy. They can discard them in the appropriate way :)

Meg said...

It's amazing what all you can find lying around your home when you start to organize things!

I am an organizer at heart, but my procrastinating side always seem to hold out for as long as possible! :)

Amber said...

Haha! We used to have a junk drawer, and then we downsized. I don't actually have room for a junk drawer now! They are kind of fun to look through :) Good luck on finding Derek's keys!

Ashley said...

Haha - I have a feeling Jed might do that in search of his keys too... I hope he finds them! Oo, and Bubbles, cool find!

Jessica said...

I love finding things I forgot I even had! I organized my bathroom cabinets a month or so ago, and found so much make up and pieces of jewelry that I had completely forgotten about! They were like early Christmas presents :-)

Emily Powell said...

I'm one of those people who doesn't have a junk drawer...I just can't! Clutter anywhere causes clutter in my brain, LITERALLY! Since I've been pregnant though I have gone into organization OVERLOAD (if I wasn't there already). I just love being able to use the space you have efficiently. I'm sure there is a 12 step program out there for me!

Unknown said...

Sometimes I feel like my whole house is a junk drawer. The nice part of moving every few years is that is hard to get a true junk drawer but you would be surprised :)

Kate Craig said...

I'm a pharmacist's daughter and I really want to give you a lecture about the never used antibiotic... but I can relate to the rest :)

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