Shopping In Pajama Pants

Have you ever seen someone grocery shopping in their pajamas?

Alas, another thing I don't understand. I can understand it in theory - after all, it would be nice and comfortable to be able to shop in your pajamas. But aesthetically? I just can't picture letting myself be seen in public in my old pajama pants.

And I wonder if the girls I see shopping in pajamas just realized they needed something and ran to the grocery store real fast without changing? Or do they just want to be comfortable and really don't care how they look? Or do they intentionally put on their pajama pants to go grocery shopping - like some sort of shopping uniform?

Oh, so many questions that will never be answered. Unless some of you are Pajama-Grocery-Shoppers and can explain your reasoning to me.

These burning questions of mine made a commercial I saw recently really amusing to me.

Have any of you heard of Pajama Jeans?

Apparently someone else out there wouldn't want to be seen in pajamas in public either, because they invented Pajama Jeans - they feel like pajama pants and look like jeans!

It's the best of both worlds - Pajama-Shoppers can still feel comfortable while shopping, but they can also look like they got dressed that morning while doing it.

I love their promo line: "Just because you're busy doesn't mean you can't look sharp! Put your best self out there and wear your PajamaJeans®!"

It's actually a pretty brilliant idea. I might even consider becoming a Pajama-Pants-Grocery-Shopper with something like that.

Pajama Jean Inventor - I take off my hat to you.

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Meg said...

I was just telling Andrew the other day I don't understand why people think it is okay to go out in pajamas. I can maybe understand it if you are sick and headed to the doctor or something like that. But I just don't get the appeal.

Jessica said...

haha is that for real?! that's too funny :)

Amber said...

Bahahaha! That's great. I'm with you. I wouldn't be caught dead in public in my pj pants...though since being pregnant and exceedingly uncomfortable in all my other pants, the thought has crossed my mind more than once. But it never comes to fruition. At the very least, I put on my yoga pants so I look like I just came from the gym on something. But my yoga pants have also passed as black slacks at work before...haha.

I am determined to never let myself get to the point of shopping in pjs! Even WITH a baby!

Amanda said...

We frequently have this discussion at work and men and women alike agree that we don't understand why people don't just throw on a regular pair of pants before they run to the store. The first time I saw the commercial for pajama jeans, I was in disbelief. It's an interesting concept, but I'm not spending $39.95 or however much it is on a pair of pj pants. And, they look skin tight! No, thank you! :)

Kara @ Just1Step said...

Haha you're funny. I have absolutely no problem going out in my pajama pants. I mean my pajama pants are mostly sweats, but I'm assuming you'd consider that the same thing. If it's a day where I've been lounging at home and staying comfy, and then I need to go to the store, I go in whatever I'm wearing. I'm not overly concerned with what I look like or what other people think I look like. I'm just grocery shopping...I'm not at an interview or work or anything. Why do I need to get dressed up to go to the grocery store where people I've never seen before and will probably never see again briefly glance at me for 0.2 seconds? It's just not worth the stress to me.

Jennifer R said...

I agree!! I would feel weird even wearing the pajama jean... Its crazy what some people wear!

Melanie said...

LOL! I never could understand people going out in public with their pjs on either. I've been both men and women alike do it! Yeah I thought the pajama jeans looked like a good idea myself..especially after becoming!!

Felicia said...

I don't get why people would go out in pajama pants. No way would I ever do that. But I so want a pair of Pajama Jeans now! I would so wear those every day!

MrsErvin said...

So true! I told my husband the other day "I am so glad I am past the point in my life that I find it acceptable to be seen in public in my pajamas." Because come on, who didn't do it once or twice in high school?

The Johnsons said...

I just wanted to let you know how much fun I have reading your posts each day. I am passing a blog award your way!

Anna said...

That is so funny. I have conflicting thoughts on the matter.

First, I'm pretty sure pajama-jeans would never look as put-together as real jeans do... but second, I'm sure they look better than sweatpants or pajama pants!

They'd actually be great for being a stay-at-home mom. I never feel put together unless I am wearing jeans. I love wearing yoga pants and such around the house but I rarely let myself because then I feel like a slob!

Instead, I get myself ready as if I were going to class or work... and then I feel like it was a waste because no one sees me all day but Christian.

Sigh, such a dilemma, this really opened a can of worms for me... haha.

Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

I don't shop in my actual pajamas, but I *have* been known to shop in my comfy lounge/yoga-ish pants. Usually my black ones...pair it with a cute hoodie and at it doesn't look like pj's. I have always rolled my eyes at the pj-shoppers, but I do understand the desire to want to be in comfy clothes...especially since I'm stuck in dress pants from 8-5 every day. That's my excuse! LOL However, I definitely think people can do "comfy" a lot more tastefully than cartoon-covered pajama bottoms!

Jennifer said...

LOL!!! I was just laughing at that commercial the other day!
I don't understand why people run around in their pj's... I would feel sooo gross!

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