An Update To My List

Remember that massive pre-baby "To-do" list I posted back in December? Well, I'm happy to say that I've made significant progress on it! It feels good to get so much of this done.

However, I've also found myself adding to it as I think of more things that I'd like to do. I'm feeling like it's pretty manageable at this point though, if I make sure to work on the list on my days off. Unfortunately that leaves less time for blogging, and blog-reading (if I haven't been commenting lately, this is why). Hopefully I'll finish the rest of this stuff soon, and then I'll have plenty of time to fill up with blogging before our baby comes!

So here's an update to the list. You can skip most of the first part, since I've already finished all that.

Before Christmas:

1. Buy gifts for my dad and brother.

2. Wrap all gifts.

3. Buy presents for Derek.

4. Send out Christmas cards.

5. Make Christmas goodies (six or seven items fall under this).

6. Figure out plans for Derek's birthday, which falls right after Christmas.

7. Get new washer and dryer.

8. Clean out dresser drawers.

9. Move bedroom furniture into basement.

10. Do something with old couch.

11. Move desk into basement.

12. Clean up all the junk in our spare bedroom and office (which used to be our bedroom.
A. Get Storage boxes.
B. Sort through crazy amounts of clutter.
C. Get rid of the junk.
D. Find places for the things we're keeping.
E. Clean bedrooms (vacuum, dust, etc.)
F. Move furniture/start setting up the rooms.

Before January 8th (Baby shower is that weekend):

13. Refinish and stain baby dresser.

14. Clean remnants of construction stuff out of baby's room.

15. Paint the baby's room. (I did decide to paint the baby's room.)

16. Fill out hospital paperwork and send it in.

17. Schedule "Birthday Wishes" consult with hospital.

Before February 10th (I'll officially be full-term then, and the baby could theoretically come at any time):

18. Clean out spare room closet.

19. Move storage/organization boxes into closet.

20. Tear down old shelves in new bedroom closet. Still working on it. We decided just to clean all the shelves off and keep them for now. It's not the best arrangement for shelves, but we won't get a chance to re-do it completely for a while, so we'll just use the shelves that are there right now for Derek's clothes. My clothes won't be moved in there until we get a more efficient shelving system.

21. Finish the baby's quilt.

22. Make curtains for the nursery. On the list for this week.

23. Set up the crib.

24. Take inventory and buy the rest of the stuff we need for the baby. Working on it.

25. Take maternity pictures.

26. Organize and set up the nursery. Working on it.

27. Finish knitting the baby blanket I started for the little man. Working on it. I decided I definitely want to try to get this done before he's born, just in case we decide to use the blanket for pictures.

Stuff that was not on the original list, but that I'd like to accomplish before February 10th:

28. Clean out my junk drawer.

29. Clean out and organize my kitchen cabinets.

30. Clean out the bathroom cabinets.

31. Dust some of the hard-to-reach places in the house.

32. Buy artificial flower dusting spray, and dust my artificial plants.

33. Clean out our car (I do not want to bring him home in a messy car).

34. Take our car seat to the police station to make sure it's properly installed.

35. Finish watching our childbirth video (we decided to do our own at-home class instead of one at the hospital). Three lessons left.

36. Clean out our freezer.

37. Write thank-you notes from my shower.

38. Paint changing table.

39. Find a pediatrician.

40. Organize/clean out laundry room.

41. Make crib skirt.

42. Plan Valentine's getaway! This is a fun one!

And that would be the updated list. Today I'd like to start working on finding a pediatrician, organizing the nursery (still haven't finished that), and possibly writing thank-you notes and working on the window valance for the nursery. In between cleaning my house, because I have a friend coming over this afternoon.

I'm sure I won't be able to resist a celebration post when the To-Do list is finally completed, so stay tuned . . .

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Emily Powell said...

the hubs is making phone calls today to find a pediatrician. I gave him a list with numbers...we'll see how much he actually did when we get home from work today...haha!

Amber said...

Ok, I need to see this quilt of yours! And the nursery! Pictures, please!

Kelley said...

this is a wonderful list! Maybe this is what I need to do to help with my issues!

chloë. said...

good work! I'm too scared to make an actual list, as the length would scare the daylights out of me, haha. your baby boy is coming soooon!

Anne said...

I'm impressed - you've gotten a lot finished! I think you should be in good shape :)

Kara @ Just1Step said...

Whew, that's quite the list!! Don't forget to enjoy yourself along the way. :)

Unknown said...

Your making brilliant progress and I never knew there was such a thing as artificial plant cleaner!? Juts goes to show you learn something new everyday. =]

Melanie said...

Hey when are we gonna get to hear about your big baby shower!! I had almost forgot until I saw it on your list!! Sounds like you had most everything accomplished..way to go! I have SO MUCH yet to do....

Annie said...

that is one HUGE list!!! and you have gotten SO much done!! you rock girly!! i can't wait to see pics of the nursery once it's finished! assuming you will post pictures :)

cait said...

crossing off items on a big to-do list feels fabulous, doesn't it?

Brittany said...

I only have one big thing on my to do list, before March 7th (which is when I'll be full term!)I just need to get our house finished with the remodel! Crossing my fingers!
Do you make your own curtains? I've been meaning to learn how to do curtains, do you have a good pattern for it?

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