158/94 mmHg

I am not in the hospital! I just wanted to post a quick update from my doctor's appointment.

I dropped off my 24 hour urine test and I guess we won't know the results until tomorrow. Rats. I was hoping to know today.

My blood pressure was 158/94 (yikes!), but it was lower when they had me lay down. My mom made the connection for me that this is why they have me on modified bedrest. Point taken.

There was protein in my in-office urine sample. My doctor ordered a repeat of my bloodwork again.

Someone will call me with results tomorrow, and then I can give you all a better update. For now I still don't have a definitive diagnoses.

Baby did great on the non-stress test though, and I'm still 1 cm dilated and 50-60% effaced!

More to come when I actually know something.

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Rachel and John said...

Yikes! Whatever happens is in God's hands. If you have your baby tomorrow, then he must be ready to come out!

cait said...

oh wow...seems like any day now! Praying for you!

Melanie said...

Still praying for you and the baby..I have a feeling it wont be long till you get to see his sweet little face!

Anna said...

I'm glad your little one did well on the stress test. I hope all is well with your news tomorrow!

Amber said...

Oh my! That's quite a blood pressure! I'll be praying all goes well. God's in control, and He knows the outcome. That's the best part of the whole situation! Hope results come back negative for pre-eclampsia!

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