Baby Books, iPods, and Ultrasounds

Our boy's baby book came in yesterday!

I was having a terrible time finding one that I really liked. And for some reason, all the Babies-R-Us stores around here seemed to be out of the baby books that I was considering. So I ordered the book online.

I get nervous ordering things online sometimes, because I never know how they're going to send the package. There have been instances where the package never made it to our house. Supposedly when the package is marked as "undeliverable" the money gets credited back to your card, but I've never remembered to check if that's actually the case, so I could possibly be losing money when I order things online.

Well, I didn't lose money this time, anyway - I'm so glad that it got here! This is our little man's baby book:

Cute, no? I can't wait to start filling it up with baby milestones!

Today we are off to the doctor's office for my ultrasound. If you remember from my last pregnancy update, my uterus is measuring small for what they would expect at this point, so they want to do an ultrasound to check his size and the fluid levels. I'm not really worried about Babykin's not being healthy - he moves way too much! I don't have time to be worried about him. But I am slightly concerned about my fluid levels. So if you all could say a prayer that everything looks alright, that would be great.

If there's anything drastically wrong, I'm sure I'll know today and I'll post an update. But if everything looks pretty normal, I won't know anything else about the ultrasound until Friday, because that's when I see the doctor. Sometimes it's frustrating how the ultrasound tech can't just tell you things herself - you know she knows what she's looking at, but she's not allowed to say anything about the results to you.

Derek took the day off to come to the ultrasound with me, and I'm glad. It's always special to get a glimpse of our baby together.

Going back to the packages not getting to my house thing . . . I went ahead and ordered a new iPod.

I wasn't going to, but then we had my work shower last week. And my boss (who is pretty much amazing) bought us one of the more expensive items on our registry! I was kind of stressing about coming up with enough money for everything before, but I don't have to worry about that anymore!

Anyway, y boss's gift freed up some money for a new iPod. It's supposed to come in on the specific day Derek and I were hoping it wouldn't come in. The day no one will be here this week. I'm hoping the FedEx guy will just leave it by the door, and I'm hoping no one sees an Apple box sitting there and steals it . . .

More on the iPod to come.

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Brittney Galloway said...

Lifting you up for a good dr visit and I hope all is well with your baby and your fluid levels!

april said...

which breast pump did youg get?

Melanie said...

Will be saying a prayer for you today..and praying your ipod makes it to your house safely without being taken!!

Anne said...

Praying for your appointment today friend!

Jessica said...

What a CUTE baby book!!

And I understand your nervousness about receiving packages. We live in a house that holds 3 apartments, and ours is the only one upstairs. So deliverymen NEVER drop it off at the right apartment. I'm always so nervous about it, but our renters are awesome and always bring up the packages for us. I just feel bad that they have to worry about that!

Ashley said...

That's a super cute baby book!! And yay for a new Ipod - that's great you got the pump (was that an extra incentive from her for you to come back to work?;). Aand I can't wait to see the pictures from the ultrasound! Hope it goes well!

Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

ohhh, that baby book looks cute! Saying some prayers that the appointment goes well for you! Also, how awesome that you were able to get a new ipod, Amazon has had them for a discount and I've been saving up hoping to get one from there soon!

Amber said...

You can actually pre-sign for your iPod online. If you go to your order status on apple's website or go to the shipping info on the FedEx site, there should be an option to print the release and presign...and you can designate a spot for them to put it if you don't want it left at the front door. We did this with my iPhone and asked them to leave it in the BBQ drawer by the back door (didn't want it to be seen and stolen OR get rained on), and they totally did it! So try that!

Praying everything went well today! I was measuring a bit small too, but when the did the ultrasound at my ER visit, she was actually about a week ahead on her measurements. I think it's just because we're thin and carry differently. My midwife says you can't always go with the measurements, but the ultrasound is nice just to confirm things are going well :)

Holly said...

I love that baby book! It is adorable! :D

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