Goodbye Nano, Hello Touch

The iPod has arrived!

I ended up leaving a door on the front door of the house for our FedEx guy, asking him to leave the package in the car. I figured that way no one would be able to see an Apple box sitting on my doorstep and steal it.

It turned out the box didn't even have any Apple logos on it, so it might have been safe after all, but it was better to do it this way for my peace of mind.

The iPod I broke was a fifth generation iPod Nano. And I loved it. It had a nice big screen, it played video, it had a video camera - it was lovely. And I kind of liked the little clicky wheel too. I wanted to order another one just like it.

However, much to my horror, when I went to order another one last week, I found out that Apple had released a new version of the Nano. This thing:

I saw these in Walmart, but I thought the Nano display was just broken, or being replaced or something - what happened to the rest of it? Then I did a little more research.

Apparently Apple thought it would be a good idea to squeeze the Nano down to one inch square, and make it a touch screen.

No more video camera.

No more large screen.

No more clicky wheel.

Just this little thing that looks much too much like the Shuffle to me. And who wants to try to do anything on a touch screen that small?

Needless to say, I was very upset.

I immediately started to see if there was any place still selling the fifth generation Nano.

I didn't have much luck.

There were a few websites still selling them. But somehow the same exact thing I got for Christmas last year was now selling for anywhere from 40-70 dollars more than what Derek paid for it.

Gracious, if I was going to have to pay that much more than what I was expecting for the old version of the Nano, I might as well upgrade and get a refurbished 32 GB iPod Touch from the Apple website for almost the same amount.

So that's exactly what I did.

Hello, brand new spiffy iPod!

I'm pretty excited to try out the whole "apps" thing, since I've never had an opportunity to before.

I tell you, I'm always several years behind the rest of America on this stuff . . . anyone have any good app suggestions?

I'm going to have fun playing with my new toy until Babykins decides to show. It should keep my mind busy for a while!

As a sidenote, the new model of Nanos are selling on Amazon for anywhere from 70-100 dollars less than the old model. If that doesn't tell Apple they made a mistake, I don't know what does.

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Felicia said...

That new Nano looks stupid!! Apple has dumb ideas sometimes.

I have an iPhone and I love it! You're gonna have fun with your iPod =)

Some app recommendations:
ToDo Tomorrow
Unblock Me

Lauren said...

OH I love my Nano...not sure what I'll do if it ever bites the dust! And don't worry, you're not the only behind the times! I still haven't ventured into the world of apps...I'm perfectly content with my app-free phone!

Anonymous said...

I got the Touch for my BD! It's the first Ipod/Mp3 I've ever had! and have loved it! I don't mess with the apps much, I have a couple. But I use it for the music.

Momma Megan said...

You should definitely get a contraction timer app-we had one on my hubby's iPod touch & it was super helpful. We found a free one that worked good. Yay for a new iPod!

Jenene said...

I wanted the old version of the Nano too, but that's because I didn't know about the new Touch model, which is what Art bought me for Christmas.

I'm also lightyears behind everyone else when it comes to new technology, and I don't need my various devices to do a whole lot. My iPod does exactly what I need it to do: play music.

As for apps, are you thinking game apps? Because Angry Birds is pretty fun and addicting. And of course, the What to Expect app.

My husband was also into the sleep cycle app for a while. But he also has an iPhone. I don't really know how different the iTouch is from the iPhone, and apps that you can or cannot have.

Brittney Galloway said...

Huh. That's so weird! I wonder why they made the new version so teeny tiny- it does remind me of the shuffle!

Ashley said...

Right on - that looks so cool!

Unknown said...

Ii completely agree the new nano is rubbish. I thought it was a shuffle too!

I have the iPod touch too, love it! Although many people mistake it for the iPhone.

Elizabeth said...

How fun! Always love getting an upgrade!!

Happy Friday! :-) Hope you had a great week! Stop on by my blog for my Valentine's Day GIVE-A-WAY!!

Melanie said...

Wow..I dont blame you for getting the ipod touch either! The new nano's look terrible!! Have fun w/your new toy! :-)

Jessica said...

I just got rid of my pink nano too! Haha... I got an iPhone instead and I'm new to the app thing too. My favorite apps so far are the e-reader, and a couple fun games: words with friends and angry birds. you'll have to let us know what apps you like when you get yours :-)

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