Wyatt's Birth Story

This is the story of little Wyatt's birth! Here we go.

As most of you know, around 36 weeks I was admitted to the hospital because it was suspected that I might have preeclampsia. I only stayed 24 hours before they sent me home, but I continued to monitor my blood pressure at home and it stayed pretty high, around 140/90 consistently. I kind of had a feeling at this point that we would not be going very long before another trip to the hospital was in order.

I had an extra doctor's appointment that next week as well, and we repeated some tests. There was still protein in my in-office urine sample, but my doctor wanted to wait for the 24 hour urine test to come back, and we did more bloodwork.

On Thursday, February 10th, my doctor called with the results of my tests. I had 2.2 (I think - all the numbers are blurring together) grams of protein in my urine, which is pretty significant. My bloodwork came back and I had an elevated amount of uric acid in my blood, which indicates that my kidneys weren't functioning properly.

All that combined with my high blood pressure (which had been gradually creeping up all week), led my doctors to diagnose me with mild to moderate preeclampsia, and they believed that I was only going to get worse from there (and I agreed). They recommended that we go ahead and induce since I was 37 weeks, so that we could avoid my preeclampsia getting to a more dangerous point.

I agreed. Derek and I were actually kind of happy that they decided to go ahead and induce me, because the way my blood pressure kept getting gradually higher was worrying to us both. I especially didn't want to get to a point where it would affect the integrity of my placenta or hurt our baby.

So I called Derek and told him what was going on. He left work (and the auditors that were there that week) in the dust, and came home so we could head to the hospital. I already had my hospital bag packed, so when Derek got here he plowed our driveway (we had a big snowstorm that week), threw a few things in the car, took one last picture of me pregnant, and off we went.

This is me at 37 Weeks pregnant, the day before my baby was born.

Our last picture together before Wyatt entered the world!

We picked up some food on the way to the hospital as well, which the nurse commended me for doing later, because I didn't get to have any more food once I was admitted.

We walked into the emergency entrance, signed a couple forms, and then walked up to labor and delivery. They started out with monitoring me for a while, and then my doctor came in and talked with me about everything that was going to happen.

They checked me for progress and they were pretty happy with where I was as a starting point. They gave me a medication to get my body ready, and warned me that sometimes that medication can throw a woman into labor, but that wasn't the case with me. They hooked me up to the IV, the contraction and baby monitors, and a blood pressure cuff. They gave me the medication to get things started and also another medication called Magnesium to prevent seizures, which is a problem with preeclampsia.

Then they had to insert a catheter - they didn't want me getting up to use the restroom because of the Magnesium. Magnesium prevents seizures, but it also makes you a little wobbly and dizzy, so they didn't want me to get up and then topple over.

It was one of the most uncomfortable nights of my life! I started feeling a little blurry with the magnesium medication too. Derek hated seeing me so uncomfortable, so he surprised me with a sweet little teddy bear. I slept with it that night.

In the morning, I woke up around 6:00, because I wanted to make myself look presentable before labor began in earnest. At this point I just felt a little crampy and blurry from the meds, but overall I felt good. I fixed my hair and applied my waterproof makeup (I'd highly suggest investing in waterproof mascara and cover-up for labor, if you plan on wearing makeup).

The nurse gave me some ice chips with cranberry juice for breakfast. I think she bent the rules a little bit to give me cranberry juice, but I was grateful! It tasted so good.

The doctor came in and checked me soon after - I had progressed a bit and they were ready to start the Pitocin (the medication to get your contractions going).

When she checked me I also felt a little gush of fluid, and I knew she had broken my water, which I'm sure helped in moving things along more quickly.

Around 7:00 AM they started me on Pitocin. My contractions started coming more consistently then, about 3-5 minutes - Derek did a great job of timing them! I got to practice my breathing techniques, and we did pretty well for about an hour or so.

After a little while they came in and turned the Pitocin up again. With Pitocin they gradually increase the dosage so that it more closely resembles what your body would do if labor wasn't induced. With the increase in dosage the contractions started to get worse. I switched to the second breathing technique, and I started gripping Derek's hand during the really bad ones.

Most of the pain was in my back, and back labor is particularly painful, from what I'm told. They say it helps to get off your back and try a different position with back labor, but because of the Magnesium and catheter, I wasn't really able to move around much.

I started thinking about the epidural after about an hour of that. I felt like such a baby for considering it so soon, but the contractions were getting really strong, and I knew they were only going to get worse from there. They told me it would take about 45 minutes to get the epidural once I requested it, so I also knew that if I did decide to go for it, I'd have to wait and endure more contractions before I got it. All this was running through my head as I did my "he he" breathing and death-gripped Derek's hand every few minutes.

I broke down and requested the epidural, and at 9:30 they gave it to me. Thankfully I didn't have to wait as long as I thought. Derek fully supported my decision, because he hated seeing me in pain.

I had a great doctor for the epidural, and it hardly hurt at all! He also let Derek stay in the room, which I was grateful for - I didn't want Derek to leave me. The doctor also let Derek take a look once he had placed the epidural, and Derek thought it looked pretty cool, like a sci-fi show or something. My blood pressure dropped after they gave it to me, which was to be expected, but they got it back up again.

Here I am during labor. I think this was after the epidural.

At first, I honestly felt like such a wimp for getting the epidural. Then they checked for progress again right after - and Wyatt was ready to be born! The epidural can help relax you so labor can progress quicker. I wasn't expecting to be ready so fast, and it made me feel better that I made it so far into labor without anything.

Since my body was ready we could have started pushing then, but we had to wait for my doctor to come and check. After about an hour she came to check me, and she thought we weren't ready yet - which was rather disappointing to me.

My nurse felt terrible because she thought she told me the wrong thing. But after waiting another hour my nurse decided to check me again, and she just didn't agree with my doctor.

She brought in reinforcements (ie. another nurse), to check as well, and the other nurse said she thought we were ready too. She could see how my doctor got thrown off, but they were sure we were ready.

Bottom line, I was probably waiting there ready to push for three hours. But it was okay, because the bottom half of my body was enveloped in blissful numbness. I felt a bit like I cheated, but I was happy that I didn't have to feel those crazy contractions.

I did have a "hot spot" with the epidural - meaning there was one part of my back on the left side where I could still feel pain. I thought at first that I might just need a booster, so I tried pushing the booster button a couple times, but it didn't help that one spot (it just made my legs more numb). It hurt, but the pain wasn't bad at all.

Finally around 12:30 my nurse came in and said we were going to start pushing. I was kind of shaking at this point as well, which they told me was perfectly normal for the transition phase of labor. I didn't actually mind the "hot spot" at all, because it helped me know when I was having a contraction so I could push.

We'd been pushing for a little bit when my doctor came in. The entire time I just kept thinking how glad I was that I got the epidural.

Before I knew it, my doctor was telling me he was crowning. One more good push, and Wyatt was born on February 11, 2011 at 1:28 PM!

They set him on top of me right away, and I looked into his little face as he gave his first cry. It was almost like he was pouting - he jutted his lower lip out, scrunched up his eyes, and gave a little whimper. I'll never forget that face as long as I live.

I started crying, just because I was so happy, and I learned later that Derek cried a bit too. There's nothing like experiencing the birth of your child.

Derek had his arm around me and a hand on our little boy. We decided then that his name was Wyatt. I think we were both leaning toward that name before, and when he was born it just seemed to fit.

I was pretty oblivious to everything at this point - I was just absorbed in looking at my little boy. We shaded his face from the bright lights, and then he opened his little eyes so Derek and I could see. It just melted my heart.

After a few minutes they took him off me and put him under the warmer to check him out. Derek went over to be with him while they did that, and my doctor kept working on me.

Wyatt's first picture:

While my doctor was working on me I started bleeding quite a bit. I remember her pushing on my stomach, and then they started talking about how my blood pressure was dropping. All I know was that I felt pretty nauseous, and it just seemed like it would feel better if I laid on my side, so I curled and closed my eyes. I remember the numbers "80-something over 35" being mentioned - my blood pressure.

I think I scared everyone a little bit when I flopped over on my side - Derek was helping the nurse with Wyatt and he looked over at me and I was laying there, apparently pretty ghost-white. The nurse came rushing over to assist when she realized my blood pressure was dropping, and I remember my doctor calling my name and asking if I was alright - to which I replied that I was fine, I just didn't feel good.

Derek was pretty worried, but they gave me something to bring my blood pressure back up, and I was fine a few minutes later. Though I felt even more shaky then. They put me on antibiotics to be safe, and they kept me in Labor and Delivery for 24 hours after Wyatt was born because they had to keep me on the Magnesium to continue to prevent seizures.

After I was stabilized we took our first family picture:

The rest of the day was a bit of a blur - I know I fed him shortly thereafter, and everyone was really impressed because Wyatt had such a good, strong suck. He was such a good eater, especially for being born three weeks early. Derek told me that the nurse spotted some little marks on his arm - he had been practicing sucking in utero!

I loved looking down at his little face as he was eating - so precious. They showed Derek how to swaddle him.

This is Wyatt and me with the teddy bear Derek had bought me:

Our families came in to see us after that. It was a special time.

What I really remember about the rest of that day was that I was extremely parched, but I couldn't have much water yet. All I wanted was a big cold glass of ice water, but I could only have 50 mL of water every hour. The nurses laughed at me for hoarding my water! It was pretty humorous in a pathetic kind of way.

Derek gave me these beautiful flowers to brighten our hospital room! I have such a thoughtful husband!

Twenty-four hours from when Wyatt was born my nurse took me off of the magnesium, and they finally moved us to the mother/baby recovery ward (into a much smaller room, I might add).

The rest of the afternoon and the next day were a blur of feedings, visitors, taking a shower, and trying to get some rest in between.

The nurses and pediatrician came in to check Wyatt many times, and everyone was so impressed with how well he was doing for a 37 week baby. His color was great, he had no troubles breathing, and he ate really well. His temperature was a little low right after he was born, but it went up pretty quickly thereafter and stayed up - that was the only real sign that he was born three weeks early. One of our nurses told us that they were all talking about how he acted like a more mature baby than 37 weeks. I was so proud of him!

Originally they thought I'd have to stay until Monday, but Wyatt and I were doing so well that they let us go home on Sunday, February 13th!

I went into the bathroom to get changed to go home, and when I emerged, this is what I saw:

My two men. So precious.

Wyatt in his going-home outfit. He was a little unhappy, so we had a hard time getting a peaceful picture - poor little guy.

All ready to go home!

We spent our first Valentine's Day together as a family at home on Monday. This is the three of us with our hospital bands - I thought it was cute how we all matched.

My Valentine flowers from my sweet husband! Each individual petal on these roses is a different color, which I thought was really cool!

We also gave him his first bath - he doesn't like baths. Except for when we wash his hair - he likes that part!

Wyatt's cord fell off yesterday, February 20th, and now he has the cutest little belly button. His first milestone.

Wyatt is 10 days old now. I love snuggling with him, just like I dreamed of doing when he was still nestled inside me. He's such a sweet, easy-going baby. I love watching Derek and him interact. I love how he looks up at Derek and me with his big eyes.

I've cried multiple times in the past week, just thinking about how sweet he is, and how even though I want him to grow and I wouldn't have it any other way, there is a part of me that wishes he would stay this little forever. But I can't stop him from growing up, and I wouldn't want to. I'm just trying to soak up every moment of this precious time as a brand-new family, and I feel so incredibly blessed that the Lord has granted us such a gift.

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LeAnna said...

You three are too precious! So glad all went well, and you have a healthy baby in result. God is good!

Rachel and John said...

Beautiful story! He is so cute Callie and you look amazing! Thanks for sharing with us!

Meg said...

He is so precious, Callie! I'm glad everything went well and you are both at home and healthy.

btw, one of my brothers birthday is February 11th too! He turned 9 this year. :)

Amber said...

Awww!!! What a great story, and what an amazing little boy you have! I'm sir happy for you. How special that you got to all be home together for Valentine's Day! He is such a cutie. And now I feel like I'm insane for thinking I can go all natural at the birthing center where there are no drugs...but I've also heard the pitocin really kicks your butt...so hopefully I'll be able to endure it. I'll have the advantage of being able to move around too. I don't think you're a wimp at all! In those circumstances, I don't know if anyone would have gone without it! And you look wonderful already!

cait said...

What a beautiful story! Loved your pictures! So glad you and Wyatt are healthy. You look great! Enjoy every minute with him!

Amanda said...

He is a DOLL!Loved the story! I think your family is so cute. :) Just wondering- how long does it take for circumcisions to heal? I guess I could look it up... but hopefully not long! I don't know if I could stand to see my babe in pain for too long =P

Jenene said...

I've been waiting and waiting for you to blog about this, but of course I understand how busy your life is now. :)

All in all, it sounds like everything went well. And Wyatt is so tiny and cute!

Brittany said...

I am so happy for you! There is NOTHING like the first few weeks of being a mother... i spent countless hours just staring at my little Jovi when she was a newborn. Ah... I can't wait for my little boy to get here!!!

He is beautiful and you look great. I'm super glad that you didn't have too horribly much trouble with your blood pressure and that your labor went well.


Diana Hill said...

What a great story, even with the few "hicups" along the way! I am so glad you have a healthy and adorable baby! You look amazing. In the last picture you can't tell at all that you just had a baby!

Amanda said...

What sweet pictures of all of you! You were so organized through it all - taking pictures before you went to the hospital, getting food before you checked in, making sure you had waterproof makeup to wear - you were ready for this moment! :) I'm so glad that you're happy and enjoying motherhood!

Jessica said...

I loved reading your story! You look amazing...I would have never guessed you just had a baby :) You have a beautiful family and I'm so happy for you!

Kate Craig said...

Yay! Thanks for all the details :) I haven't had a baby yet, and I loved reading all those details.

So glad you had good nurses! I bet that makes a huge difference. And I don't think you're a wimp at all for the epidural!

He's very very sweet. Congratulations :)

Melissa said...

Loved reading your story!! He's a cute! Congratulations!

katie said...

Wow!! What an incredible story! I got so teared up just thinking about how the Lord timed everything and about you getting to cuddle with your little snugglebug once you got to take him home! He is so precious.

Jessica said...

Aww, thanks for sharing the birth story! I'm so happy you are all healthy and at home! Congratulations again!

Claire said...

I really enjoyed reading your birth story! You'll love having this written out in so much detail! He is absolutely adorable! Congratulations!

Momma Megan said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful birth story! Wyatt is sooo precious! And you look great Callie!

Kelley said...

I'm so glad to hear everyone is happy and healthy! He's so handsome! Take care of yourself girl! And you are NOT a wimp for needing an epidural! I think that you definitely deserved it and it probably kept you strong throughout the entire labor process!

Melanie said...

Oh Callie..your story is so precious!! It makes tears come to my eyes seeing how happy all 3 of you are now as a family..such a special time in your lives! Its definately time you'll never forget and treasure for the rest of your lives..enjoy it and soak in as much as you can! Hope you and little Wyatt are still doing well! Congrats girl!!!

Anne said...

I was so excited when I saw the birth story was posted! So glad that everything went well. He is too cute and your family is precious!!! So so happy for you guys :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story! He's so precious and it makes me ache for the day two years ago when my little boy was born. And also makes me so anxious for June 20th, when I get to do it all over again!
You look amazing too, btw!! I was hideous for weeks after giving birth. ;)

The Clem Family said...

Congrats on your new little one! He is precious! Don't think you are a wimp for getting an epideral. Labor is still hard work even with the meds! I must say I am jealous of hoe great you look at 10 days after having a baby! :)

Unknown said...

Oh Callie you have the most beautiful family and I love all the pictures. Your glowing as a mother!!!

Lauren said...

What a beautiful post...and of course a beautiful family! God's miracles are the best!

Fair Maiden said...

Congratulations!!!! Wow, I hadn't realized it had been so long since I'd been on the computer long enough to check on my favorite blogs! I'm so glad Wyatt is doing so well! He sure is a cutie! :)

Kara @ Just1Step said...

Such a wonderful post, Callie! Somehow I missed it and it didn't show up on my blogroll till wait late (booo).

You look absolutely great for just having a baby.

Oh and I totally agree with you...the epidural is TOTALLY worth it. I will NOT being going through all that unnecessary pain with my next labor (I gave in at the end and got it, too)...when it's time for the epidural, I'll say "Bring it on!!"

Kayla Rae said...

I love hearing your birth story! He is just precious.

Sarah Louise said...

What a beautiful story! I'm glade you and your little one are doing well...your family is beautiful.

P.S. You look too good for having a baby!

Unknown said...

I don't know how i missed this! You guys all look wonderful..and by the way you totally don't look like you just had a baby! I love the story and I am so happy for you :) I am glad everything went well!

Elisabeth said...

Many, many, MANY congratulations Callie! I'm so happy for you and BOTH your guys! Yay!

Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

Loved all the pictures! Thanks for sharing these special moments with all us in bloggy-land.
Wyatt is absolutely precious!

Shay said...

Your family is adorable!

Amy said...

Wow! What a story I got tears in my eyes reading it! Congrats he is sure a cutie :-D

Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

What a beautiful story! I'm glad everything went well. You look amazing and he is sooooo cute! What an adorable little munchkin!

Mandie said...

Hi, I clicked over here from Hope Road. What a cute little guy you have, and I love the name. I definitely identify with you saying how you want him to grow but also want him to stay little forever, I think I've felt that way at each stage of my little guy's life. Enjoy your blessing!

Julie S. said...

Beautiful story! :) He is SO precious!!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, OH MY GOSH! I can't believe I haven't read this yet, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Ashley said...

Aw, thanks for sharing the story. I'm glad that everything went well for you and that everyone is healthy! So happy for you guys!! and so happy that Wyatt is here!! =)

OlyviaNoel said...

Congratulations Callie! I loved reading your birth story - what a little blessing Wyatt is :) Thanks for sharing! It makes me quite anxious for one of our own. Enjoy your little sweetheart!

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