A Flowery Laptop

My laptop is on it's last leg.

I know I said that last year, but this year it's really, really true.

It's been randomly shutting down on me. Sometimes it gives me this message saying it's shutting down to protect files on my computer, and sometimes it just dies without any warning.

It's leaving me feeling a bit uneasy, and I'm thinking I need to finish backing up some of my more recent pictures before something bad happens.

In the meantime I have new-computer-envy. My parents just replaced their old desktop, and it's a beauty. And it's so fast. I guess I'm getting used to waiting for three minutes for any program to open on my old laptop.

It's kind of sad that computers don't last very long, isn't it? I've only had that laptop for five years.

But actually, that's a pretty good run for a laptop. I think I got my money's worth out of it (or rather my parent's money's worth out of it, since it was a gift from them).

In case you were wondering, I still want a mini.

Maybe even a mini with pretty flowers on it.

Lovely, is it not? I'm all about the aesthetics.

Pathetic, I know.

Image from Amazon.com.
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Emily Powell said...

haha! I'm the same way. It just has to be "cute". Drives my husband crazy. He bought me an external hard drive last year and sprung the few extra bucks to get me the pink one :)

Lauren said...

I would definitely go for the flowers! I think that's adorbale...and it is very sad how short lived laptops can be! I had my last one for 5 years and the guys at Best Buy couldn't believe I'd had it so long!

Anonymous said...

Ooo! Very snazzy! I love my laptop, I just got it for Christmas. It is crazy how fast computers die...

Kara @ Just1Step said...

We recently got a new laptop from Dell for $400, and it's working like a charm. One thing to keep in mind about a mini laptop, and I say this because Dave has a mini and I've used it quite a bit...you can't see very much at once. Therefore, editing your blog, pictures, video, etc. will be more difficult because of the size of the screen. I'd see if you can play around with a friend's ahead of time and try updating your blog on it first to make sure you like it.

Felicia said...

Hey, my laptop is a piece of art - literally! Dell commissioned an artist to create some covers around the time I got my laptop, and it's sooo pretty :D

I also think that Kara is right - my sister and my best friend both have minis, and they might annoy you if you're trying to do an overhaul on your blog or something. Just something to keep in mind :D

Amber said...

Hey...five years is really good for a laptop. If you have Vista on it...that could be part of your problem too. I had those issues with my old laptop. We upgrade the memory and upgraded it to Windows 7, and the majority of the issues were fixed. But at 5 years old, it's probably best to just get a new one if the budget allows!

Kate Craig said...

I say no to a mini :) I'm all about speed and memory! Especially for playing with pictures!

Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

I'm right there with you, the flowers are adorable, very spiffy! My laptop sounds just like yours. It is no longer a laptop but a glorified desktop that works only when it wants and takes fooooorever to load anything. like 5-10 minutes (no joke) for any sort of picture or document, totally sad.

Unknown said...

I love my Purple Dell laptop :) Granted, it's not a mini, but it's 14in so it's not huge.

Also, I have a dad who is a computer nerd. You can always ask him for help with your comp! That's what I do... :)

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